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Mannphodganj Ki Binny

Mannphodganj Ki Binny
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    Pranati Rai Prakash Atul Srivastava Alka Kaushal Anurag Sinha Aru Krishank Abhinav Anand Samar Vermani Fahmaan Khan

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Binny Bajpai is a 21-year old, dreamy-eyed girl, from the suburb of Mannphodganj in erstwhile Allahabad, now Prayagraj. Her conventional middle-class parents Brajesh and Kumud are on the lookout for the perfect virtuous boy for her. However, fiery and rebellious Binny is on her own hunt. Her dream boy is a politician’s son, Rahul Pandey – her ticket out of Mannphodganj. But all is not rosy for Binny. Blinded by her desire for him, she fails to see through Rahul’s pretense. While the failure of her first love collides with the many options her parents present, looking from distance is a tongue-tied shy Raja who is unconditionally in love with Binny. The realization that finding her own identity is of utmost importance than finding the perfect boy, makes Binny come of age into a self-respecting adult.

Episodic Synopsis

Episode 1

Small town girl, Binny Bajpai sets out to win over her dream man, the charming son of an MLA – Rahul Pandey. Unknown to her, there is someone keeping tracks of all her actions.

Episode 2

Rahul fails to show up at Binny’s birthday party where she is presented with prospective grooms by her father, Brajesh Bajpai. Rahul makes up to Binny and they get intimate, giving her enough reason to publicly declare herself ‘in a relationship’.

Episode 3

Binny invites herself to Rahul’s house for a party but is left heartbroken due to Rahul’s behaviour. Raja from Banda, a man unconditionally in love with Binny, has worked his way into the good books of Brajesh. He eagerly waits for Binny at her home.

Episode 4

While Raja continues in his attempts to impress the Bajpais, an MMS scandal of Rahul’s father makes headlines. Binny forgives Rahul and even helps him escape the glaring media outside his house. The world around her comes crashing down when she realizes that he has, in fact, used her to escape town.

Episode 5

With the betrayal of Rahul, Binny reluctantly agrees to meet her parents’ choice, NRI Harsh Chaubey. Raja tries to win over Brajesh by selling lingerie in his hometown, Banda.

Episode 6

Realizing that he cannot afford a destination wedding, Brajesh turns his attention to Binny’s childhood friend, Tarun. Binny is trapped into going out with Tarun by her father. Raja’s arrival gives her the chance to escape the agony and the two share a friendly moment.

Episode 7

Not convinced about middle-class Tarun over NRI Harsh, Binny’s mother leaves no stone unturned in dissuading Binny from considering the over-eager Tarun. Once again. Raja comes to the rescue, elated with his growing proximity to Binny. A sudden message from the missing Rahul changes everything.

Episode 8

Rahul wants Binny to come to Delhi to meet him. Foolishly love-struck, Binny plots to lie to her parents and go to Delhi with the help of her best friend – Manjul. Her plan is endangered when Manjul rats her out to Brajesh and Kumud.

Episode 9

Unaware of Rahul’s lecherous intentions, Binny meets him in a Delhi hotel. A pill in her drink and Binny is barely in control of her body. Raja races against time and saves Binny from the predating Rahul.

Episode 10

Binny finally agrees to marry the ‘perfect boy’ Harsh. Heartbroken, Raja leaves the city without a word. Starting afresh on a clean slate, Binny tells Harsh about her physical relationship with Rahul. To her shock, the ‘modern-NRI-with-many-past-relationships’ finds her intimacy with Rahul unacceptable. Epiphany strikes and Binny finds her voice in the moment. She calls the hypocrisy out once and for all – “why is ‘virtue’ a girl’s responsibility alone?” In Banda, Raja is informed that Binny Bajpai is once again single and ready to mingle.


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