Mare Of Easttown Review

Kate Winslet shines in this rivetting crime thriller

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Mare Of Easttown Review
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What is the story about?

Marianne Sheehan aka Mare Sheehan is a troubled, yet celebrated police officer living in Easttown, Philadelphia. She lives with her mother, daughter and grandson. The town is grappling with disappearances of two teenage girls and one gruesome murder of another teenage girl. Mare suddenly finds herself in the middle of flak, as the residents blame her for not been adept at her job. Mare, who is dealing with personal tragedies, decides to find the murderer even if it means alienating the people close to her. 


There has always been a dearth of good mystery thrillers, especially the whodunnits. Mare In Easttown fills in the gap quite effortlessly. Mare, played by the talented Kate Winslet is a deeply troubled police officer who is coming-to-terms with her son's suicide and her ex-husband's second marriage. To add to her woes her daughter Siobhan is distant and her mother is pretty critical of what she does. Kate, plays the vape-smoking grandmom who drinks and has one-night-stands with strangers. She is distant yet close to her family and would go to any lengths to protect them. Kate brings that unique depth, emotions and honesty to Mare, a character that goes beyond the seven-episode run of the series. Mare is broken yet determined to find the person who is kidnapping teenage girls and has murdered Erin, young-teenage mother. The people in Easttown, a sheepish town in Philadelphia are all leading troubled and double lives, yet the blame of the missing girls is pinned on Mare, who really does want to solve the cases. One of the best parts about the series, is that even after the series ends, it stays with you for a long time. It is not easy to shake off the hangover of the series, because it is written so well and every character etches perfectly in your memory. 


Kate Winslet is the star of the show. Not just her acting has won hearts, but also the Delco accent which she perfected in the series. She wins you over with her acting as the flawed and troubled Mare Sheehan. Julianne Nicholson, may have had a subtle role throughout the series, but she truly shines in the final episode. Jean Smart as the eccentric mother of Mare also outperforms herself and is a great fun to watch. We wish we could have seen more of Cailee Spaeny who plays the murder victim, Erin as your heart goes out to her for trying to be a mother to a toddler. We also wish we could have seen more of Angourie Rice as the quirky and spunky Siobhan, who clearly is the most-balanced person in the Sheehan household. 

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The series has been shot with very subdued and dark tones that mirrors melancholy of the story. All the characters have been written well. Considering that this was a short story, there was not much scope for character development. There did seem to have some loose ends that didn't quite sit well when it comes to the characters of Dylan and Erin. However, it is amazing how much a tragic story unfolds in the most gritty and realistic manner. 


Kate Winslet brings her career-best performance as Mare Sheehan. Watch this show for the sheer brilliance in acting shown by her. 


There are certain questions that are unanswered and it feels like the series could have been extended by a couple of more episodes. 

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. Even though it is not a satisfying ending, it does end on a note that can be explored in another season. (Wishful thinking)

Do I recommend it?

Yes. This is a show that deserves all the hype.

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