MARSHAL (2019)

MARSHAL (2019)
Platform : Amazon Prime
Language : Telugu
Synopsis : Medical representative Abhi (Abhay Adaka) is an ardent fan of a film star Sivaji (Srikanth). He promotes beauty pills of a brand, unaware of their composition that causes the death of two women and several others being hospitalized. Abhi tries to trace out the cause along with journalist Megha (Megha Chowdhury) and finds out a shocking truth that could endanger the future of the human race.
Cast : Srikanth, Abhay Adaka, Megha Chowdhary, Rashmi Singh, Suman & Others.
Directors : Jai Raaja Singh
Producer/s : Adaka Sapta & Girish Kumar
Production House : AVL Productions
Music : Yaadagiri Varikuppala

Movie Duration (minutes) : 140
Digital Premiere Date : April 22, 2020 Theater Release Date : September 13, 2019

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