Marvel's 616 Docu-Series Review

Marvel’s 616 is outstanding and truly passionate!

Sajid Ali -

Marvel's 616 Docu-Series Review

What is the story about?

It’s an anthology docu-series that explores every nook and corner of the cultural, societal and historical impacts of the Marvel Universe interaction with the word in its day to day life and how it has become an important part of millions of lives that are passionate about the comic culture.



I believe Disney+ is hardly a year old since it launched it services and has already tapped a niche space in the unscripted segment creating a sub-genre one shouldn’t be surprised. They already have shows like “One Day at Disney”, “Marvel’s Hero Project” and “Inside Disney” throws an extensive light on the creative minds behind the magic we see on the silver screen. Disney is a company whose numbers are hard to keep count, that has a unique place in the hearts of its fans regardless of the age group.

That being said Marvel’s 616 is on a whole different level and takes you in-depth into the Marvel Universe that was unknown to millions, except for the hard-core fans who literally eat, breathe and sleep, Marvel. This docu-series digs in deep into archives of the Marvel Universe that leaves you speechless. For instance, the first episode was a great icebreaker that introduced the “Japanese Spider-Man”. If you may ask what’s so different about this character? Trust me it’s nowhere close to the Spider-Man we know. The Japanese had a totally different rendition of Spider-Man that even the corporate from Disney left baffled after watching the pilot. But Stan Lee found the potential in this eccentric Spider-Man which was less of CGI and more of human work ad stunts. It was created in 1978 and not until 2009 when Marvel released all of the 41 episodes online for the fans outside Japan to witness the different rendition of Spider-man.

Then the series hops on to the second episode that focuses exclusively on the woman writers who have created some iconic characters for the Marvel Universe. It speaks about how women writers have contributed and brought a different dimension to the comics which changed the perspective of women as superheroes making a difference than being just objectified. The second episode is truly inspiring and the stories behind the struggle and passion lead to a team of potential, progressive, and the most creative minds taking the Marvel Universe to a different level. The rest of the episodes that followed not just throw an extensive light on the branches that made an impact not only on their franchise’s road to success but the fascinating fans and their passion and love towards it.

Disney has always had a great impact on the toy industry and when you get to witness the scale at which the toy industry function for Marvel. The design, the process, photography, etc. Everything related to it has a great impact on the followers of the franchise. There’s one whole episode which focuses on the cosplay. I can’t believe the effort and time the fans take to perfect their costumes to suit their superheroes. The turnout comic-cons is tremendous and something which can’t be explained in words.

I truly enjoyed the episode that featured Paul Scheer (Actor/Comic Writer) who goes on to develop a series for Disney+ titled “Brute Force” and how it turns out for him is hilarious. Marvel properties have a great influence on the people today, looking at the fans going all the way in making things right for comic-con, wow convention and the final episode shows theatre kids dramatizing Marvel comic stories for the stage was something truly fascinating. Such profound information spread across 8 episodes was truly informative and interesting that takes you deep into the archives of the Marvel Universe.



There are many to list and I’m in awe of Marvel at the moment. In India, we don’t have the comic-book culture and I feel the fans are missing out a lot. Marvel’s 616 has its heart in the right place and truly gives you an inside look at the creative minds that have built the Marvel Universe.


Absolutely none!

Did I enjoy it?

I loved it to bits. I had so much fun learning a lot about the Marvel Universe that’s not limited to just Hollywood films but the actual “thing” that led to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Do I recommend it?

Definitely, I recommend it. Fan or not it has so much technical stuff that’ll enlighten your creative juices.

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