Masaba Masaba Review: A funny and joyful walk down the fashion lane!

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Masaba Masaba Review: A funny and joyful walk down the fashion lane!
Movie Rated

Format:   Series
Platform:  Netflix
Movie Rated:  13+
Genre:  Reality, Fashion
Language:  Hindi
Digital Premiere Date:  28 August 2020


Written and directed by Sonam Nair, Masaba Masaba is a Netflix Original which is a fictional take on the lives of the well-known actress Neena Gupta and her daughter Masaba Gupta, an infamous Indian fashion designer who has her own label called the House of Masaba. The 6 episode series was released on Netflix, on the 28thof August.

What’s the story about?
The plot of Masaba Masaba revolves around the lives of Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta and is a fictional take on it. The series is inspired from the happenings in both of their lives while Masaba goes through a divorce with her husband Vinay (Satyadeep Misra), which relates to her real-life divorce with Madhu Mantena. Neena Gupta on the other hand strives to come back into the cine-world by putting herself out there to get roles in the Bollywood industry. The two share and expose their wonderful bond and how they worked it all out together, in their respective fields.

The show starts off by giving us an introduction to the fashion world and the showbiz in India in a light, breezy and fashionable manner. It keeps us engaged throughout and is a very colourful watch. Being a fictional peek of their lives, the show seems to be a little exaggerated in terms of the happenings in the fashion world, but it all makes sense towards the end, leaving us with a smile. The show includes a lot of comic moments, despite all the blunders that Masaba is put through in her life. It shows that women can tackle anything on their plate and provides a feeling of empowerment. Masaba juggles between her personal life and her work life but somehow manages to get it all done on a positive note in the end, making the whole series a pleasant watch. Neena Gupta’s Bollywood track along with her motherly instincts add a nice layer of emotion and drama to the series. The series has gone for a sitcom approach where we get to see the voices inside Masaba’s head, which help to establish the characters of the show even better.

We all know that Neena is one of the respectable artists in the industry, but we know Masaba only as of the fashion designer. The show is Masaba’s acting debut, but she does not outshine her mother. Rytasha Rathore plays Gia, Masaba’s close friend who gives us some lighter moments with their ‘friendship goals’ scenes. Neil Bhoopalam appears as an investor who supports the House of Masaba and has done justice to his role. Sonam Nair has also included certain other stars in the show such as Kiara Advani, Pooja Bedi, Mithila Palkar, Shibani Dandekar, Farah Khan, Malavika Mohanan and others, which make the show all the more exciting.
Music and Other Departments
The music of the show adds to the vibrant and lively vibe of the series. There were no other great shakes or complaints in the other departments of the series.

Being a short series, I loved the fast pace that it was adapted to. The show is worth a binge-watch and keeps you pinned with its entertaining proceedings. Being a fictional take on the real lives of the stars, we are able to understand the show business and the Bollywood drama associated with it. Neena excels in different facets of the series, both as a mother and as an actress.
The first two episodes seemed to have a lack of direction. In many parts of the series, it was difficult to differentiate if Masaba was acting or if she was portraying her real self. With some of the other characterizations also being done in an exaggerated manner, it was made to look all the filmier rather than natural.
Did I enjoy it?
It was a very breezy and likeable series which I enjoyed. Despite the negatives, this show was worth watching in one shot. I was done with it before I could even realise it.
Would I recommend it?
If you feel the need to know the insides of the fashion industry and want some relatable drama on-screen, go for Masaba Masaba as it will satisfy your needs. Even though it’s a bit tacky, it is a show that will hold your attention for 3 hours.

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