Mathil Review

A passable socio-political drama that could have been better!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Mathil Review
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What is the story about?

Mathil is about Laxmikanthan, a common man who builds a house on his own after a long career in the field of drama. However, all is not well for long as a corrupted politician uses the wall of Laxmikanthan’s house for his political campaign. As the incident throws him off, Laxmikanth takes on the politician in order to teach him a lesson. 


Mathil is a film that is very basic in its storyline and making style, but director Mithran Jawahar ensures that the believability factor and the baseline emotions in the film are intact. The sensibilities of the director in handling the issues in the film aren’t always great, but this isn’t a film that will get you bored too much. Mithran takes a very small issue that happens in the society, and makes it very accessible to the audiences watching it, as it is relatable on how a simple common man will stand against a powerful politician who is also trying to climb up the ladder at the same time. The film never goes into really big quarters, but keeps us engaged to an extent, for the runtime.


KS Ravikumar’s performance in the film is really likable, as he slips into the shoes of a troubled old man. The director-actor proves that he can carry out emotionally driven roles as well, and does a neat job that is devoid of big hiccups. Mime Gopi is at his usual best, while the rest of the cast that consists of names such Srinath, Madhumita and others are fine. 

Music & Other Departments

The cinematography of the film is just about par, but the music really pulls up its socks in the second half where there are some good cues. 


KS Ravikumar’s solid performance is a plus.


The film takes the usual route in solving its problem, moving back to the social media buzz show. 

Did I enjoy it?

Not a great film, but a time-pass watch for me. 

Do I recommend it?

If you wish to watch a new Tamil OTT release, this may be marginally better than the other options. 

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