Mech-X4, Season 1

Mech-X4, Season 1
Platform : Disney+Hotstar
Language : English
Synopsis : Ryan Walker mysteriously awakens MECH-X4, a giant robot built to defend Bay City against impending doom. When monsters begin to descend, Ryan recruits his two best friends and his brother to help pilot the robot that is their only hope of saving their town from mass destruction.
Cast : Kamran Lucas, Nathaniel J. Potvin, Raymond Cham Jr., Pearce Joza, Peter Benson, Alyssa Jirrels, Ali Liebert, Ryan Beil, Crystal Balint & others
Directors : Zach Lipovsky, Kaare Andrews, Adam B. Stein
Producer/s : Ian Hay
Cinematographer (DoP) : James Liston, Neil Cervin
Production House : Bay City Productions
Music : Tim Wynn

Total number of seasons : 1 Total number of episodes : 15
Season No.: 1 No. of episodes this season : 15
Episode Duration (minutes) : 22
Digital Premiere Date : May 22, 2020 Theater Release Date : November 11, 2016

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