Mee Ani U (2013)

Mee Ani U (2013)
Platform : Amazon Prime Video
Language : Marathi
Synopsis : Abhishek and Ira meet through Facebook. Initially it's a game of hide & seek with their fake facebook profiles. After a while they share every information with harmless flirting. Even though over internet they are in love but in person they hate each other. Will Abhishek & Ira realize their love for each other?
Cast : Sai Lokur, Bhushan Pradhan, Mohan Joshi, Vijay Patkar, Sayaji Shinde & others
Directors : Nitin Kamble
Producer/s : Sangram Patil, Ashwin Savanur
Cinematographer (DoP) : I Giridharan
Production House : 24 frame Entertainment
Music : Avinash Chandrachud

Movie Duration (minutes) : 113
Digital Premiere Date : June 4, 2020 Theater Release Date : December 13, 2013

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