Meka Suri 2 Movie Review

Meka Suri 2 is overconfident that rides high on the deluded success of its predecessor.

Sajid Ali -

Meka Suri 2 Movie Review
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What is the story about?

It’s a sequel to Meka Suri that was released back in July 2020. The sequel tells the story of Meka Suri who continues with his revenge on killing the last man responsible for his wife’s death. But has a bigger task on him to serve justice. The film is directed by Trinadh Velisala.


Revenge-drama-thriller has a set rule but what makes them stand out are the writers who put in that extra effort in conceiving something different and present the clichéd formula as a fresh idea. In this sequel, you don’t get to see anything new but the same old revenge drama set in a hamlet that is a victim of casteism. Despite the potential masala the formula in hand the writer and director Trinadh Velisala resorted to elusive techniques which didn’t suit the story, not the actors they had cast.

The chaos didn’t stop with it. The action sequences remind of the meme videos you watch online mocking the very institution of Indian over-the-top action films, but out here they’re beyond them. Every actor had this weird look on their face trying to look fierce and dangerous. That remained as a look, never translated into performance. During the entire 81 minutes, I don’t see a point the director is trying to make one. I get the idea a group is trying to bring order into their village by taking law into their own hands, but I’ve seen better renditions than the cheap imitation that was thriving hard to look convincing.


When you hear about actors from a theatre background you expect something out of the box or performance that would make an impression. Abhinay (Meka Suri) is the horse the makers bet on, unfortunately, the bet goes down in vain with overly projected heroism that neither suits his personality nor the character. You don’t even have to ask about the supporting actors who were ridiculously dull and have no idea about acting. Everyone was busy striking pose and trying to be something that doesn’t suit them at all. The overly macho look they were trying to attain seemed comedic. There was not one actor who I could say has done a good job. I wonder there was any effort at all put in to select a commendable cast.

Music & Other Departments

The background score literally gave me a headache, it was excessive. Cinematography and grading were poles apart. I wonder how someone could go wrong after using world-renowned equipment. 


I wish I could at least state one.


The list might be too long so I’ll keep it short by stating that it was an absolute waste of time. And poorly rendered prosthetics and make-up were in your face.

Did I enjoy it?

Not even a bit.

Do I recommend it?

Definitely not worth your time, there are better options on the streamer you can watch. The makers of the sequel were riding high on the predecessor which was a very average affair too but was posed as a success.  

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