Messiah Review - Supremely Boring

Messiah Review - Supremely Boring
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What would happen if Jesus Christ indeed had a second coming in today's time? Would he help solve our messes or would contribute towards it? We can argue till cows come home and there won't be any answer we would arrive to if we ever faced a situation like this. We could always speculate as to how a modern-day messiah would be treated in an age of propaganda based news sites, lobbyists and religious fundamentalism. However, it did seem challenging when Netflix announced they would be making a show on Messiah, a supposed second coming of Christ. This new Netflix drama Messiah based in Syria, produced by, among others, “Survivor’s” Mark Burnett and “Touched by an Angel” star Roma Downey, depicts a world apparently in need of faith and hope as a mysterious young man (Mehdi Dehbi) rises to near-instant repute and cult-leader status for various pieces of miracles.

He catches people’s attention by fearlessly urging them to set aside old divisions and listen to his message of peace, love and unity, which seems to incorporate the best of most of the main religions. For what I suspect are a variety of spiritual, aesthetic and carnal reasons, people soon start following him and his divine teachings.

However, the CIA (particularly the agent Eva Geller – played by Michelle Monaghan – who is recently widowed and nursing a secret (possibly a fatal illness) doesn't fall for his charlatans. Alongside assorted other cynical people, the intelligence agency is not convinced that he is our saviour newly born to Earth. It runs him through its databases and finds no trace of him, but reckons he can only be either a con artist or a terrorist who has found a new way to bring about a war. The 10 episode season 1 sets up a brave fight in the wake of a meek and a rather meandering script. How would Jesus be treated in a world of social media, is a question answered by Southpark creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker years ago. It no longer elucidates intrigue from the viewers. The story has way too many sub-plots going on while the central theme of the CIA carrying out an investigation on his messiah. The writing deviates far too often from the central theme and that causes a lot of frustration for the viewers. The first four episodes of the show slog way too much and that ends up in making people lose their interest in the show.

With all said and done, Messiah may be boring, but it is still bingeable and makes up for a compelling watch. We suggest you stream it over the weekend.

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