The saying, “You can take a Gujarati out of Gujarat, but you can’t take Gujarat out of a Gujarati” perfectly sums up the lifes of Kalpesh and Payal Patel, the lead characters of Metro Park, Eros Now’s outrageously funny endeavor on the peculiar human species called the Gujarati. The Gujju (what Gujaratis are called lovingly) are a species who with money on his mind and the taste of his home state on his tongue, can make any place on earth his home but will stick to his roots, staunch and steadfast.

Despite that fact, the quirky Gujarati is also enterprising enough to venture out, testing the waters of unknown shores and then going on to being successful. Produced by Giju John, an Indian-American film-maker, and co-produced by Vikram Rai and Bhuvanesh Shrivastava, Metro Park is a hilarious and heart-warming to the eccentricities and characteristics of the pervasive, globe-trotting Gujju. Kalpesh (Ranvir Shorey) and Payal Patel (Purbi Joshi), are a Gujarati couple, who have set up the home in Metro Park a locality in New Jersey, USA. Kalpesh runs a convenience store in Metro Park, while Payal has her own beauty salon in partnership with her friend.  Kalpesh and Payal have two grown kids, Pankaj (Arnav Joshi) and Munni (Aashmi Joshi), typical American Born Confused Desis who are more confused about the outrageously high spirited behaviour of their parents than they are of their roots.

Metro Park is a pleasant change from the usual cuss-and-copulation-laden online fare. It is a series that you can watch with the entire family, kids and elders included, without the need to cringe or look away in embarrassment. That is what works in its favour. The series is like a gust of pleasant wind that blows over the heat stricken plain. The premise of the series is exceptionally relatable to viewers and strikes a familiar chord, after all, we are Indians, and we are like this only! Each episode leaves you in splits and is so engrossing that the episode is over before you even realize it. The script brims with subtle, intelligent humour, sparkling witticisms and hilarious one-liners. Ranvir Shorey’s Kalpesh is witty, satirical and the king of sardonic humour. Dialogues apart, Ranvir Shorey is spectacular in his role of Kalpesh Bhai. His body language, accent, tone and mannerisms are just perfect. He is able to get, chameleon-like, into the skin of the character handed to him. All the other actors have put in terrific performances too.  

The true stars of the show are writers of the show, Abi Varghese and Ajayan Venugopalan who deserve a great applause for this sparkling gem amidst the glut of web series. The only complaint we have is the gross wastage of he talents of the multi-faceted, versatile actor Omi Vaidya, whose talents should have been leveraged more. All said and done, Metro Park is like a breath of fresh, fizzy, yet natural, outstanding, yet embellished with a touch of everydayness. It’s a family must watch. You won’t be disappointed! We, at LetsOTT, will go with 4 rating for Metro Park.

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