Metro Park Season 2 Review

A light breezy watch on American Bred Confused Desis!

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Metro Park Season 2 Review
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What is the story about?

Set in the fictional town of Metro Park, New Jersey, the series is based on the lives of two Indian couples - Kalpesh and Payal, Kinjal and Kannan trying to raise their children while adapting to the American culture. Being Indians, it is not easy to give up on cultures and tradition, yet these two couples try to strike a balance while managing their day-to-day lifestyles.


I have always been fond of drama, politics, police and legal procedural shows. For the longest time, I missed out on watching comedy shows. That was until I came upon Metro Park. Metro Park doesn't boast of a huge star cast -It stars Ranvir Shorey as Kalpesh Patel, a Gujarati man running a convenience store in New Jersey. He lives with his wife Payal played by Purbi Joshi, who's a beautician and runs a beauty salon. The other couple- Kinjal played by Vega Tamotia and Kannan played by Omi Vaidya are as equally quirky as Ranvir and Payal. The Gujarati families are full of spunk, quirkiness and dysfunctionality. It is clear that Indians do find it hard to give their 'Indianness' while living abroad and that is exactly what is shown in Metro Park. Their jokes and dialogues have a lot of references to Indian politics and Bollywood, but it is never crude nor below-the-belt. Metro Park, is the kind of show, you would love to watch on the weekend with your family. Also, I was laughing till it hurt seeing the antics done by Ranvir Shorey and Purbi Joshi on the screen, who get the maximum screentime, but hey no complaints there.


The show clearly belongs to Ranvir Shorey and Purbi Joshi, who play the fantastic 'Patels', a middle-class couple settled in New Jersey. They are clearly a dysfunctional lot, who are perfect as Gujaratis as are their accents. They have a lot of chemistry with each other and are completely comfortable playing simpletons. Omi Vaidya and Vega Tamotia are slightly more Americanised in the show and somehow I feel that they lacked chemistry and don't match as a couple. Omi tries his best to pull off the role of a geeky-nerdy guy, but he is clearly let down by Vega's energy levels, who doesn't have much to offer to the series. Pittobash, who plays the lovestruck Bittoo and Kalpesh's assistant is equally funny and hilarious. Sarita Joshi and Milind Soman appear in the series in cameos which also is with a lot of comedy. 

Music & Other Departments

There is not much music featured in the series. I enjoyed how the series though 22-minutes and 12 episodes long is brilliantly written and edited. It has clever humour that is never hitting below-the-belt nor stereotyping the cast. The direction is also done very smartly and leaves no room for complaints.


Watch this show for the hilarious coupling of Ranvir Shorey and Purbi Joshi, who clearly carry the show on their shoulders.


Vega Tamotia looks a bit misplaced in the series. They could have perhaps introduced an equally dynamic and funny character instead of hers.

Did I enjoy it?

I loved it. I haven't laughed like this in a long long time. I used to enjoy American sitcoms, but Metro Park is on par with the American shows. It is super funny and will leave you holding your sides. 

Do I recommend it?

Go for it. This is a small-series and you should be done watching it in 3-4hours time.

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