Middle Class Melodies Review

A gentle, charming feel good tale that will bring in the smiles!

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Middle Class Melodies Review
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Middle Class Melodies is Amazon Prime’s latest Telugu release, hitting the platform on the 20th of November. The film is directed by Vinod Anantoju.

What is the story about?

Raghava is a small-time cook who dreams of setting up his own restaurant in Guntur and tasting big success with it. However, there are loads of hurdles all the way as he struggles to find the right reason to shift to the spot, investments, the right associations and the added burden of his love interest going the wrong way. The film showcases how Raghava overcomes all these issues and gets onto the greener side.



Middle Class Melodies may not have a unique storyline or an interesting plot, but the film surely does get its characters and the milieu absolutely right. Though it takes about 30 minutes to catch some steam, the film rarely looks back from that point and constantly manages to deliver likeable scenes that come with both comic and emotional touches embedded in them. Director Vinod Anantoju has kept the locality and the behaviour of the corresponding people in my while writing the script and has effectively translated the same to the screen as well. There are a lot of lovely moments in the film that actually break out from the stereotypes associated with such a film, and that’s because of the equal importance given to the lead and supporting characters. Middle Class Melodies rarely dips and is a fairly well-written and directed feel-good tale on the whole.



Anand Deverakonda has definitely upped his game in terms of the acting chops that he is able to bring, as there is a good improvement between the films that he has done so far and this one. He fits into the role of Raghava very well and carries the film throughout without any major complaints. On the other hand is the bright presence of Varsha Bollammma, who is the film’s plus point as she scores really well in the opportunities that she gets. However, the silver lining of the film is indeed its supporting cast who steal the show. Goparaju Varma, Prabhavathi Varma, Prem Sagar and Chaitanya Garikipati and the others are all names we haven’t seen much in Telugu cinema, but they do contribute big time to this enjoyable film.


Music & Other Departments

The songs don’t have the x-factor needed to become big hits, but they are nicely stitched into the narrative pattern of the film and don’t obstruct the flow. The film is neatly shot and edited too.



Anand Deverakonda’s measured performance along with the Guntur milieu and the supporting cast make this one work very well.


The film has a lengthy and needless sub-plot with Tharun Bhascker in the second half, something which could have been cut down.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. This film was like a cool breeze and does have that feel-good factor in solid amounts.


Do I recommend it?

Yes. Don’t miss this film if you’re a fan of small-time entertainers such as C/O Kancharapalem.


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