Mighty Little Bheem Diwali Review - A timely, kid friendly insight into Indian traditions

Mighty Little Bheem Diwali Review - A timely, kid friendly insight into Indian traditions
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While most adults enjoy participating in ritualistic practices, it could prove rather annoying for a child to become part of the same. Also, not to forget that children have a very short attention span. Their mind just seems to wander away on a whim. Even while being explained, they artfully stare in a blank and then have non-stop tears rolling away, as confusion gets the better of them. Perhaps at such times they also feel that we’re robbing them of their importance and limelight. This is precisely why animated films like Chota Bheem, become a necessary part of a child’s upbringing. The ‘Mighty Little Bheem’ (Diwali) is a Netflix Original comes at the right time for them As a reviewer, I took the liberty of asking a few kids around as to why they could relate to ‘Chota Bheem’. Their immediate response was, ‘He’s so strong and brave’, some also responded adding he is cute and chubby. As a reviewer, I will add, that the animation has incorporated the use of strapping colouration and an immaculate mime for children to understand the ongoing in the plot. The plot comes alive with a variety of twists and turns to help children keep up with series. Each episode averages to 5.30 minutes, which could be an ideal way to rub in and explain an important cultural value, in a fun way. The Mighty Bheem Diwali is a great way of exposing children to the Indian culture and tradition, especially those surrounding festivities. The episodes give kids a detailed insight into the various instances around Diwali. This will include everything from Diwali cleaning, painting the house, preparation of Diwali snacks, temple visitations, a visit to an important public monument, and the burning of Ravan. The interesting part of not having a dialogue will also help parents to sit with their children and bond with them in a way of imparting more detailed insight on the festivities. Perhaps parents can also add their little trivia on the specific ongoing Diwali ritualistic practices that take place in their own family. Overall, the character is super-cute and fearless! A great takeaway for adults who’re suffering from depression too. The Indian animation industry is fast catching with their global counterparts. With The Mighty Chota Bheem- Diwali appearing on a platform like Netflix, it is a great way of even taking India to the kids around the world.
Rating: 3.5/5

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