Mockumentary, "Senior Entourage", Now Available on Major Streaming Services Such as Amazon and Vudu

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Actor, writer, director Brian Connors is thrilled to announce the release of Senior Entourage starring Ed Asner, Helen Reddy, Charlie Robinson, Marion Ross, & Mark Rydell. The wild, wacky improvised mockumentary comedy is streaming on Amazon, Spectrum, Comcast, DirectTV, Dish, Vudu, and more. DVDs are available in over 4,000 Walmart's. The Distributor is SP Releasing and the Executive Producer, Sales Agent is Jared Safier.

Senior Entourage is a wild, wacky mockumentary about the actual cast and crew making the movie. Featuring a zany, multi-racial cast ranging in age from 9 to 92, it has the freewheeling improvisational feel of a curb your enthusiasm for the Elderly or Seinfeld or Seinfeld for seniors. It’s a comedy about nothing in particular.

Donna Walker at KPFK radio said, “ This film is so much fun. It also has some beautiful, special moments, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Ed Asner & Mark Rydell in nun’s outfits. Wonderful film, funny scenes, just fun.”

Producers: David Lockhart, Dahlia Waingort, Lynn Tang, Teresa Porter, Henry Penzi, Angie Pentheroudakis, Phillip Gianniakis, Mike Flint, Joan-Angela Hess, Zia Jamali, Don Smith, Lauren Maddox, Susan Pattis, Sean Tracy, Mark Maxey, and Neal Wilde.

Director of Photography: Ian Fischer

Editor: Giovanni Moriconi

Director: Brian Connors

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