Money Heist Part 5 Vol. 1 Review

The stage is set for a crackling finale!

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Money Heist Part 5 Vol. 1 Review
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What is the story about?

As Sierra apprehends the Professor at the end of Part 4 and the entire gang struggles emotionally with Nairobi's death, can the gang save themselves from the police and the military?


This is it. A show that had supposedly been dismissed as a flop on its initial release, has somehow lived and thrived across the globe. After the spectacular cliffhanger of Part 4, where everyone wanted to know about the fate of the Professor, Alex Pina and his team waste absolutely no time in throwing the audience into the thick of things. But unlike past seasons, where there was a lightness of touch and some wry humour in the middle of all the heists, this first batch of five episodes goes into extremely dark territory--not in terms of violence, but in terms of emotion. Still unable to come to terms with Nairobi's death, and with multiple players gunning for their heads, Rio, Tokyo, Lisbon and the entire gang are seeking to buy time in order to pull off a stunning breakout, but they are all dealing with their own demons. Yet, Pina's solid writing and deft touches ensure that Money Heist Part 4 Vol. 1 never loses its grip on the humanity of our beloved gang, and the stunning mid-season finale sets the stage for an emotionally-charged farewell to the series when it returns on December 3, 2021. Here's a tip: watch Part 4 first and then settle in for a marathon binge. You won't regret it.


Alvaro Morte is dependable as the Professor, while Pedro Alonso hovers around the entire narrative as Berlin. Najwa Nimri is a smash as the ruthless Alicia Sierra, while Itziar Ituno is more composed as Lisbon. Miguel Herran and Jaime Lorente are expectedly good as Rio and Denver. Enrique Arte is menacing and petty as Arturo.
However, this season belongs to two women. Ursula Corbero's Tokyo is a knockout, where she deals with multiple crises while struggling with emotional issues. And Esther Acebo is a riot as Stockholm, where her character arc seems to come a full circle from Part 1. From being an initially-timid secretary having an affair with her boss, Stockholm becomes a wounded tigress who will stop at nothing to save the ones she loves.

Music & Other Departments

The action sequences and cinematography are well-executed.


There are many dramatic moments which are brilliantly staged, but the one that will really haunt and shock fans is the death that happens in the finale. It's poetic and tragic.


Episodes 3 and 4 appear slightly sluggish at times.

Did I enjoy it?

Hell yeah.

Do I recommend it?

Grab a seat and start bingeing.

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  • Just waiting for Rafaels Hacking surprise\r\nSpoiler Hint - Remember the words from Denver about coins which are stolen already to Rio\r\nThis will be the final hint

  • By Mahmad Azaruddeen at 01:56 pm, 04 September 2021


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