Money Heist Removed from Netflix?

Jeya Suriya -

Money Heist Removed from Netflix?

Money Heist Aka La Casa De Papel, the Netflix Original show, has an extensive fan base across the planet. The Spanish show has always accomplished to keep its devotees on the apex of their phalanges with the exciting twists and developments. The fourth instalment was televised on April 3. While part three was about the surviving comrades of a neurotic troupe of depository thugs assembling the troop back unitedly, the fourth part showcases Tokyo, the Professor and the whole gang, back to wipe out the Bank of Spain.

Now, days after when the stories were making rounds that the Spanish drama is coming with the fifth season, a few netizens tweeted that Netflix has extracted down the whole show. Yes, you heard it right! A few spirits, who were binge-watching the show, faced the upshot. Soon after, Money Heist began to trend on Twitter and aficionados couldn’t keep quiet. Topics like - has season 5 been docked? Is it gravely over? Is it only me? - started to crop up on the microblogging platform.

Juxtaposing it with the year 2020, a Twitterati inscribed, “If 2020 wasn't dangerous enough already #MoneyHeist has gone off #Netflix for some reason. Bet I know who's tried to do this!!”. Accompanying the post, the user also shared a screenshot of Arturo Román stating that he was responsible for this. Mimicking a similar sentiment, another soul stated, “ This man below is the responsible for removal of #MoneyHeist”.

So, if you are wondering whether the Professor's show is removed from Netflix. No, it is not. The good news is that the show is very much accessible on the Californian OTT platform. Also regarding the last night's incident, it is not known that it was a  glitch.

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