Money Heist vs. White Lines: A comparison on the two shows created by Alex Pina

Money Heist vs. White Lines: A comparison on the two shows created by Alex Pina

One writer. Two shows. Two results.
After getting through four seasons of Money Heist which have got in a fantastic response from fans all-round the globe, the show’s creator Alex Pina got an opportunity to depict another side of himself in a murder mystery titled White Lines. Set in the posh and lively land of Ibiza, this series which dropped on Netflix a few days ago followed Zoey (played by Laura Haddock) uncovering the truth behind her brother’s death 20 years ago.
However, White Lines paled in comparison to Money Heist, with the latter being much stronger in terms of its plot twists, emotional arcs, ability to engage the audiences and the ultimate adrenaline rush. Down below, we list out five comparisons between both the shows, trying to fathom what went wrong and what went right.

Alex Pina, Creator of Money Heist & White Lines

The Plot
While Money Heist explored the bank robbery space with a lot of novelty, while White Lines set itself in the murder mystery space which has been tried and tested in many ways in different parts of the world. While bank robberies are naturally interesting, murder mysteries need to be meticulously written with multiple shades, which White Lines didn’t have. Also, the idea of holding on to a single twist until the end didn’t quite work out in the way they would have wanted it to.

The Characters
Money Heist’s characters were smart, with each one having a different shade to portray and an interesting back story as well. Over the space of just five episodes in the first season, the series had successfully established most of the characters, and one could relate to them easily. Here in White Lines, no character manages to connect with the viewer but for the leads in Zoey (Laura Haddock) and Boxer (Nuno Lopes). As a result, the audience begins to lose interest as the episodes progress.


The Setting
Money Heist set itself up in a generic world which was relatable to all sets of audiences, but White Lines turned out to be a murder mystery in a bright and lively setup like Ibiza, where parties, girls, sex and drugs are present in abundance. Whodunits usually take place in a dark world with doubtful scenarios, and this backdrop for the show elasticized its core content.
The Narrative
Money Heist’s narrative was packed with goosebump-worthy moments that provided loads of excitement for the viewers. The show was packed with sumptuous twists and turns all over, and never allowed its fans to lose attention. On the other hand, White Lines’ ten-episode story feels a little too dragged and pinned with needless details. The show definitely could be narrated in a shorter and crisper format, without entering unnecessary grounds.


The Cast
Money Heist’s cast was superbly picked with actors who looked their part and pulled off their portions with elan. However, the cast of White Lines just passes muster. To add fuel to the fire, there is a big complaint reeling about how a mess has been created with the accents that people possess on the show.
On the whole, Money Heist vs White Lines may seem like an easy comparison, but it’s surprising to see how ideas and stories from the same writer can turn up on opposite ends of the spectrum. While the former is surely one of the most popular shows around the globe, White Lines turns out to be a damp affair which is watchable as your weekend binge but doesn’t qualify for greatness.
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