Monsterland Review

Except for 2 stories and performances of actors, it’s disappointing overall

Monsterland Review

What is the story about?

During most of the times, the demons that we are scared about are nowhere but within us. Hulu’s Monsterland traverses through 8 different stories that delineate this theme through the eyes of various characters. The eight stories comprise Port Fourchon, LA’, Eugene – OR’, New Orleans – LA’, New York –NY’ Plainfield – IL’, ‘Palacios – TX’, ‘Iron River – MI’, ‘Newark – NJ’.


With this analogy revolving around eight different stories, some of them profoundly revere the essence of supernatural theory to the core while others stick to austere mediocrity. To start with the first one; the story does feature the promising artistes like Kaitlyn Dever and Jonathan Tucker. Although the premise looks somewhat middling by its course, it ends up on the substantial note. Monsterland also deals with an issue in screenwriting in many stories, where there are certain logical misses and sluggish narration. In addition to this, some of the stories take a long time to convey its actual substance. The best exemplification of all these ingredients put together is “Iron River”. The story remains as an amalgamation of all these constituents. It tests our patience and sometimes urges us to skip the scenes. On the other hand, “New York” has a storyline that remains to outlandish and in simple terms, “Too Artificial”, where it would get tough for the audiences to relate either with the story or the character. Camp attempts to give a brilliant performance but gets eclipsed due to these hampering pieces of stuff. Getting on with the tale of ‘New Orleans’, it’s quite commendable, where almost all the boxes (Performance, story and narration) gets ticked for its engaging presentation. As this anthology remains identical to Stephen King’s IT, this one proves it efficiently good and does complete justice to the concept based on which ‘Monsterland’ was created. Director Nick’s Palacios is a cherry-pick among all the tales as it esthetically imbibes the viewers with the right dose of fantasy. Having compiled all the pros and cons of ‘Monsterland’, the best advice is to avoid binge-watch as it will have an adverse effect, thereby letting you shut down the viewing after a few episodes. 


This anthology has 2-3 stories that are groovy and very well presented while others do lack the punch, thereby letting down the expectations. However, what save these stories from sinking into ‘sorriest’ abyss and keep it somewhere near ‘Passable’ is the performances of all the actors. From Kaitlyn Dever in Port Fourchon to Nicole Beharie in New Orleans, they brim the show with some sparkling spells. 

Music & Other Departments

Naturally, when the concept of Monsterland is about weaving stories and characters dealing with demons and supernatural entities, one could imagine the essential technical craves. The gloomy (Dark-Haze) visuals and the adjacently supporting BGMs are yet another faint reminiscence of Stephen King’s tales translated into celluloid, but can’t help it.  It does look the same throughout the show, and it’s laudable. If not, some of the below-average fares would have failed to create the ‘Least’ impact without them. The super-imposed editing kinds of stuff have been the predominant ones in the 80s, and it’s nice to see them implemented here in a few places.


  • Performances
  • Cinematography and Music
  • New Orleans, Palacios are good.


  • Most of the stories cannot scare
  • Length is a big issue in many stories
  • Some of them are too preachy

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

Only 2-3 stories.

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