Montu Pilot review - Not everything is believable in slow motion

Montu Pilot review - Not everything is believable in slow motion
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For the past couple of months, Bengali web-based content on Zee5 and HoiChoi have expressed a serious obsession with slow motion. It is beyond one’s capacity of knowledge to understand what about this particular computerised editing style that’s forcing every web-based director to rely on it. Be it a love story, or a thriller, nothing gets interesting unless the main content of the story manages to remain rooted to its story.

Bengal’s Kolkata unlike Maharashtra’s Mumbai may not be as economically flourishing as the latter however that doesn’t mean that the state doesn’t have enough content to in the little lanes of the city that cannot generate eye-catching content. The state has potential but sadly most filmmakers are not willing to erase their ideas and start experiencing a hunt for which they have set out.

In one of the instances of Montu Pilot, there’s a man who aims with his gun, but there is excessive sound makes the technique unconvincing. Before we begin to explain why this moment was beyond terrible, maybe we must put a disclaimer here right now.

None of the writers of LetsOtt has killed a person with a gun, however, if we were ever planning to murder someone, our first instance would be to maintain silence so that our prey (in this case the person we are hypothetically planning to murder) does not get a clue about his killers lurking around. Excessive noise usually keeps a person more involved in finding a solution to the noise pollution and thereby it will become difficult for the hypothetical killer to shoot a man with a gun, due to inability to concentrate.

A part of the show seems to be heavily inspired by the story of Ganesh Gaitonde from Sacred Games. From the very dawn of the web-series we always secretly knew that there will be some series which will try to copy the characters of the Netflix web-series, the habit of copy-pasting and modifying has been a practice that started in the film industry even before Bill Gates invented the codes on Microsoft Words. Nawazuddin Siddiqui borrowed lines from his iconic character for his role in Housefull 4.

Since we have accepted plagiarism as a new form of art, we can accept how the film slightly borrowed its plot from the life of Ganesh Gaitonde, however, even director Vikramaditya Motwane knew that slow-motion would only end up making his show appear stupid. It’s in our nature to find inspiration from an on-screen experience but what’s also necessary is a strong team of writers who can moderate and mould a story well enough to avoid being humiliated.

Most of Montu Pilot is a reminder of everything we have already watched in Amazon Prime’s Mirzapur and Netflix’s Sacred Games. His missions seems to get boring and no one especially viewers seem to care at all.

Rating: 2.5/5

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