Mosul Review

An intense war drama that lacks character depth but makes up with firepower!

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Mosul Review
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Mosul is the Russo Brothers’ next production for Netflix and is directed by Matthew Michael Carnahan. The film released on Netflix on the 26th of November.

What is the story about?

The film is based on the true events of the Nineveh SWAT team, a police force who were the only strong opposition to ISIS (Daesh) during their rule. In the final stage of ISIS' reign in the city of Mosul, the unit comes together to perform a guerrilla operation to save their homeland.


Mosul’s thread base in itself is a tense and exciting one that organically brings in a lot of tension and unpredictability. There’s a sense of recall that the director keeps bringing into the fore, but the fact that he is able to put together an interesting set of events keeps the film going. Mosul’s big plus is the action, which is shot superbly with realistic angles, reaction shots and sound that will pierce through your ears. Though the film suffers from the lack of relatable characters all through, the action doesn’t disappoint and is heavy enough to make this worth a fair watch. However, this is a film which would’ve fared way better if there was some more differentiation between the characters and more evenness in the screenplay.


Suhail Dabbach as Jasem delivers a rock-solid performance, as the film demands his presence in every scene and he stands up for it. Adam Bessa as Kawa and Is’Haq Elias as Waleed are the film’s next important characters, and they are good fits too. Apart from them, there is not much to remember in the film’s cast, which is packed with more extras than faces worth noticing.

Music & Other Departments

Mosul is excellently shot with fantastic theatrics and a sound design that will warrant a few awards. The technicalities of the film have been maintained at a high level.



The action sequences of the film, along with the superb cinematography and the sound.


It is hard to relate with at least one character in the entire film.

Did I enjoy it?

I found it a little too similar to the war films in this backdrop, but there was something in it to cheer for.

Do I recommend it?

Do check out this film if you are a fan of war dramas set in Arab countries. The language, setting and action have been maintained well.


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