Move Netflix Docu-Series Review

Netflix's' deep and detailed dedication to lovers of dance is impressive!

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Move Netflix Docu-Series Review

Move is a five-chapter documentary series that conveys the inspiring struggles of various artists who have taken a path up in the art of movement. The series was released on Netflix on the 23rd of October.

What is the story about?

Move is a documentary series containing five chapters which have different stories from different parts of the world - the biographies of dancers who are experts in different forms of dance such as Popping, Ballet and Street dance, Kathak and others. Each talent specializes in each form of dance which has a different origin on their own. Apart from the dance, we also get to see the other side of their passion which is their struggles, the pain, and their communities where they grew up. Each dancer in the show has taken up this path as a career after going through immense amounts of struggle and pain, but they never gave up.


Move follows the same basic path of any other documentary, and shows us the reality of different people in different parts of the world, but with the same passion, which is Dance. Move is powerful through its runtime and shows us the real picture of how each one of these dancers came out to shine. In that process, it conveys a very powerful and strong message which is empowering to the audience. The show is natural and raw in terms of showing us the struggles and the hardships that the dancers have gone through and is an honest opinion from the makers of the series in showing us their personal view of the world today, in terms of culture, communication and especially, dance. Akram Khan, Lil Buck and Jon Boogz have interestingly depicted their lives and shown us a true picture of what they were striving for.

Music & Other Departments

The music is the major backbone for this show as each episode had a kind of its own, with regards to the origin of the dance that was being talked about. There were many catchy tunes which were perfect for the form of dance. The editing and the cinematography were well done and all the other departments of the series fit the bill.


Move amazes the audience with the different dance movements and the capability of the human body and has five powerful and impactful real stories to tell us.


Even though this series was captivating to watch, it was hard to not get distracted in the interim, as it does dip down a little.

Did I enjoy it?

This series was not only an interesting watch but it was also a learning experience. It teaches us the reality of life and gives us the power to never give up our passion.


Do I recommend it?

Move has impressive routines of dance to show the audience with a natural reality to talk about. This show is a must-watch for those who love dance.


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