Mrs. Serial Killer Review: A lousy, undeniably boring serial killer thriller

Mrs. Serial Killer Review: A lousy, undeniably boring serial killer thriller
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Format: Film
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller


When a doctor is wrongly framed and jailed for a series of shocking murders, his wife sets out to prove his innocence. When all her options to free her husband run out, she goes on to commit a copycat murder to prove her husband’s innocence and make everybody believe the serial killer is still at large.


Mrs. Serial Killer, which is a Netflix original film, is unarguably the dumbest serial killer film to have come out in recent years. Except for the interesting premise which would’ve made for a great thriller if it was handled more deftly, everything else about the film feels amateurish. From writing to performances, production design and staging of scenes, the film reeks of sloppiness. One of the major sloppy aspects of the film is the decision to cast Jacqueline Fernandez in the titular role and she’s utterly disappointing, not being able to even own a single scene. The writing is so lame that if the responsibility was handed over to a 15-year-old cinephile with good taste in cinema, he would’ve done a much better job.

When the film doesn’t work as a thriller, deliberate effort is taken to make it look like a comedy. Unfortunately, it fails as a comedy, too, and ends up making a mockery of the genre. By the end of the film when the credit roll and you read it’s directed by Shirish Kunder, one shouldn’t be surprised why the film turned out to be so bad. After all, what can anybody expect from Shirish, a masterpiece?

The only silver lining about Mrs Serial Killer is the presence of Manoj Bajpayee, but even he can’t do much from saving this film from going down the drain. Even in his limited screen presence, blame it on the bad writing, Manoj really can’t keep one invested with his performance. Jacqueline Fernandez is a total miscast and she makes a joke of her character with her extremely artificial performance. Forget about acting, she can’t even mouth her dialogues properly and despite the effort, she’s taken to dub in her own voice, it’s a pain to watch her speak Hindi.

Except for the interesting premise, nothing else really qualifies to be a highlight in the film. Not even Manoj’s performance.

If there’s one person who deserves to be blamed, it has to be Shirish Kunder. He has written, directed, edited and composed music for this film. Unfortunately, none of these departments has anything relatively noteworthy of a discussion.


Did I like it?
No. I will definitely not recommend it.


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