Mugilan Review

A damp squib that fails to hold one’s interest for long!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Mugilan Review
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Mugilan has hit the Zee5 platform on the 30th of October, becoming the next web series in their lineup during the lockdown. The series is written and directed by Sri Ram Ram.

What is the story about?

Similar to every other gangster film or series out there, Mugilan comes off as an escapist story of a gangster who has risen up from being a clerk to a dreaded don in the locality. After a goof-up at an assassination, Mugilan flies away to Dubai, and the series focusses on his return to form through a narrative that spans various timelines.



Mugilan’s problems begin right at the start. There is simply no logic in how the story kicks off, with all the other turns and characterizations coming as though they have been picked up from various gangster dramas of Tamil cinema in the past. There is nothing unique about the show, as it packs in cliché after cliché and largely hangs on to profanity, predictability and a deja-vu feeling throughout. The series does not even manage to create some interesting moments at the end of each episode and tries to project big things about the minimalism that it has on paper. Ultimately, these factors make Mugilan a boring show on the whole, with the viewer sure to be left reeling after the 3rd or 4th episode itself. 


The titular role is one that demands a lot of power and strength in each frame. And Karthik Raj is definitely not someone who pays heed to this, as he delivers a plain average performance that is even unintentionally funny at places. The series definitely deserved someone better in the lead role, as the supporting cast led by Ramya Pandian, Aadukalam Naren and the others fare better than the lead actor.

Music & Other Departments

Though a lot of money has gone into the making of the show as it represents a very good production value, there is not much to say in totality. The music also does not contribute much.


Nothing much to say, but for some supporting characters like the cop.


The uninteresting writing of the show is a huge hurdle that it never manages to cross.

Did I enjoy it?

Definitely not. I was bored in most parts.

Do I recommend it?

No. Mugilan has nothing new to offer and is a bad pick even if you want to see a generic gangster drama.

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