Music Review: Miss India

Thaman comes up with a sweet-sounding soundtrack that is worth a listen!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Music Review: Miss India

Song: Kotthaga Kotthaga

Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Thaman S
Lyricists: Kalyan Chakravarthi

Thaman picks Shreya Ghoshal to croon the track, and it works out well for him as the singer delivers her mesmerizing voice to the tune that does nothing to disturb it. The high points work well here.


Song: Lacha Gummadiyes

Singer: Sri Vardhini
Kalyan Chakravarthi

Another song which is right in the composer’s arc and that’s confirmed further with the way in which it starts itself. There’s a soft background beat that is embedded into it, and that gives it a nice ring overall.


Song: Theme of Miss India yes

Singers: Harika Narayanan, Sruthi Ranjani
Lyrics - Kalyan Chakravarthi

If the soundtrack lacked power until now, Thaman ensures that it comes into the picture with this resounding track that pulls in a ‘mass’ feeling. The ‘Tharam Tharam’ portions, in particular, are a beast.


Song: Naa Chinni Lokame 

Singers: Aditi and Ramya Behara, Sri Krishna

What starts off like a Carnatic number slowly transforms into an electronic theme that helps it arrive at a fusion of sorts. Interesting composition this, once again.
Thaman makes sure there is no off note in his four songs for the soundtrack. While the songs don’t have the capacity to punch huge numbers, it is worth mentioning that they aren’t easy to write off. Thaman makes this accessible and ultimately, likable.

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