Music Review: Mookuthi Amman

An interesting attempt at devotional fusion that works wonders with great variety!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Music Review:  Mookuthi Amman

Aadi Kuththu: Singer – LR Easwari
Girish calls a tribute to the Amman songs we have heard over the years with this energetic celebration number sung by the legend. The simple beat gives the attention to the vocals for most parts and takes the attention only in the interludes. The song gets better with repeated listens and works well.
Aatha Solra: Singer – Nakash Aziz
In total contrast to the first song, this is an elevation number for the main character of Lady Superstar Nayanthara, with RJ Balaji’s character singing in praise of her. The cool beats and Nakash Aziz’s vocals are the positives here.
Paarthene: Singer – Jairam
Three good songs in the album straight up, with this one having a high lyrical quality. Pa Vijay really does a great job here, with an emotionally moving song that is dipped in devotion. Jairam gives it what it needs, and it helps it big time in its favour.
Chandai Alangari: Singer – Aruna Sairam
Aruna Sairam makes her entry into Tamil film music with this Carnatic fusion number that works wonders due to her vocals, that speak of power. The classical touches throughout are well panned out, and it takes an interesting turn halfway.
Saami Kulasami: Singer – Deva
When the name Deva pops up, one expects a song that is full of energy and gaana beats, but this is the very first time that the veteran has sung a song in a low pitch tone, fully. This is a beautiful song that gets onto you from the very first listen, and it's actually unbelievable that Deva is the one who has crooned this.
Bhagavathi Baba: Singer – Anthony Daasan
A track that is full of fun and fun alone, as Anthony Daasan takes the mic singing about a new age godman. This is an interesting composition again, and though it is not playlist material, there is something to cheer about.
On the whole, Mookuthi Amman is an intriguing attempt at creating a ‘bhakthi’ album that is infused with the current setup as well. It is not easy to execute an album of such sorts at this level, but Girish and RJ Balaji seem to have made it work for most parts. Over time, this should get better and better.


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