My Client’s Wife Review: A sluggish thriller with a mind of its own.

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My Client’s Wife Review: A sluggish thriller with a mind of its own.
Shemaroo Me
Digital Premiere Date
Movie Rated


Format:   Original Movie
Platform:   Shemaroo Me
Movie Rated:   18+
Genre:   Mystery, Thriller
Language:   Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
Digital Premiere Date:   31 July 2020


What is the story about?
My Client’s Wife follows the story of a defense lawyer who uncovers a hideous truth about his client’s wife. And what follows forms the crux of the story written and directed by Prabhakar Meena Bhaskar Pant.


The film has limited cast and so was the performance which was pretty much limited too. The cast comprised of a very talented bunch but apparently their characters were not etched well which could do justice to their acting chops. Despite vaguely written characters with logic taking a big dip, but the actors tried their best to make it look diligent. The central cast featured Anjali Patel, Sharib Hashmi and Abhimanyu Singh.


The premise was solid and had great potential which could’ve been on the lines of “Gone Girl.” In fact, it does resonate a bit with Gone Girl, but not much. The story kicks off strong setting the tone right, but few minutes into the film you start to lose interest because the narration gets weary. The series of investigation which follows starts to make no sense and keeps treading with its own mind. 

Moreover, the film’s treatment was too old school not in a good way though. It had this excessive and loud background score which we find in the ’70s or '80s horror or thriller films, where we hear that mono organ playing an eerie tune. And the shadows and curtains play was getting extremely tiring. To be honest it was one of the most non-engaging thrillers I’ve seen in recent times.

The writer and director try hard to mislead the audience in the name of suspense but it’s little too obvious and when the final reveal happens you’ll be like, “Really?

To be honest the story had great potential and would’ve been one of the most engaging thrillers. But the screenplay was too lazed out and took ample time to make its point. The irony is, it runs only for a sharp 100 minutes and still comes out as a long stretched-out film.

Music and other Departments
The film’s cinematography had this TV-like appearance which makes it hard for you to neglect it. The background score was annoyingly loud which drains out the dialogues at places.


The story is the highlight and I loved the premise. But later, everything came tumbling after.


The story and premise were taken for granted that left the film in despair longing for the right treatment.


Did I enjoy it?
No, I did not.


Do I recommend it and why?
I wouldn’t personally recommend it. But yes, if you would like to catch it, it’s streaming on ShemarooMe as VOD.



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