My Holo Love Review: A well painted love story of selflessness and acceptance

My Holo Love Review: A well painted love story of selflessness and acceptance
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Encompassing the hologram of true love that goes beyond the boundaries of just being selfish, this Korean love story combines the outstanding contributions of Ki-Chan Lee, Yeo-Jin Choi and Sung-Hee Ko in the lead role.

Romantic stories need some really soothing and heart touching dialogue rolls, as it has been the case with My Holo Love. In particular, some of the dialogues will simply melt your hearts, making them pretty reasonable deliveries in its evidence. 

This one is a dramatic yet realistic love story that surpasses all boundaries to realize the meaning of true love. My Holo Love is a true representation of charismatic collaborative results when science and love come together in the picture. The show describes two people who came together as a result of their life situations. The actual catalyst that ignites their relationship turns to be a hologram. The prime attention in the series revolves around Artificial Intelligence and a relationship that involves the chemistry between the main three members of the show. 

As the show progress, the plot takes you even deeper into this unusual but, quite near to reality-based storyline. 

The entire series holds a pretty long runtime of in total 12 episodes of approx. 45-50 minutes. However, the brightest thing about the series is that you will never get bored out of the same, despite being a long cover. 

The show involves a plethora of themes running around at the same time in the form of finding one’s identity, developing self-acceptance, getting associated with the impact of AI and technology along with their roles and respective turnouts in the form of human relationships. 

Along with these, the series also inculcates a series of backstories, eventualities and several plot points that will finally coverage to deliver the end with certain well explained conclusive moments.

The prime plot of the series runs around a woman suffering from aphasia due to which she holds an inability to recognize faces. This authentic Korean sci-fi romantic drama has perfectly put forth the problems she faces all through her life while trying to figure things out.   

As the story moves ahead, you will find yourself getting attached to the things happening in the show. Realistic delivery of the show, makes you feel that this can be a part of your own life. Adding the much-needed spice to a show is the show’s villain, who’s all set to steal the “Hologlass”. Combining these much-awaited ingredients for a perfect show, it must be mentioned that Netflix 'My Holo Love' is a pretty decent web series to binge-watch. 

My Holo Love isn’t just a simplistic love tale but, is well decorated with technological detailing that comes inspired by the today’s tech world.  Not to surprise, it flavours the viewers’ world with those realistic embroideries of facts and happenings, scattered all through the 12 episodes. 

The best thing about the series is its realism. The entire show grips in the viewer's attention all through the time with this one strongest point of itself. The actors have been sweet and mild but, authentic at all times. Adhering to the real show, they have successfully made the audience crave for the next episode after watching the previous one.

Bringing in such fascinating feelings, this series is a must-watch this month.  

Ratings: 4/5

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