Mymarapu Review – For some self-inflicted torture

Mymarapu Review – For some self-inflicted torture
Sony Liv
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‘Love is not a decision, it is a feeling,’ ‘Love doesn't stem from the mind,’ it comes from the heart'. Sorry, you aren’t reading a few creepy Whatsapp forwards sent by a random flirt but some hard earned-gems from a Telugu web series titled Mymarapu that clearly doesn’t know the pain it’s inflicting upon its viewers. The sight of a rare Telugu web series on Sony LIV might be the reason for a twinkle in your eyes. However, resist that temptation when the notification about Mymarapu pops up on your mobile unless you’re in a mood to invite some self-inflicted havoc. If you’re lasting through this review to understand the supposed ‘method’ behind this madness, here you go. Ram, a Telugu speaking US-graduate is thrown out of his house for a strange prank he plays on his former girlfriend. He seeks help from his former college mate Swathi for accommodation for a brief time, only to meet with firm opposition from Swathi’s reluctant roommate Shreya. However, his consistent persistence convinces her to let him stay in their room for a few days. Ram and Shreya miraculously end up falling for each other during the brief stay. It takes a terrible misunderstanding from the part of Shreya for them to part ways. A stroke of technology backed by Ram’s desperate pursuit to win back Shreya’s love results in a ‘happy forever after’ ending that also rings in a sigh of relief to a viewer. The series reeks of amateurishness from the word go. Neither do the makers have a semblance of a plot, a cast that can act nor a screenplay that can keep one engaged for two odd hours. Had this series been ideated as a mere pilot project that a bunch of filmmaking enthusiasts could utilise as a learning experience or for some self-reflection, Mymarapu would have made complete sense. It’s too ambitious for a petty project like this to slot itself for an OTT platform, when it’s not helping the platform, the viewer or the makers themselves in any way. The entire plot idea about a technology that can wipe out select memory segments of your brain could have created some element of intrigue – but the writers neither have the seriousness nor any wacky ideas to indulge in self-deprecating humour. The lead actor Sasanka Voleti’s permanently-grumpy-disinterested expression sucks the life out of the frames. If something in the series works to an extent, it’s the thread involving a dubsmash sensation who enters the Bigg Boss House out of the blues. It’s the sort of madness that the other parts of the series deserved to have. Gaana Bhat is among the good-looking faces that can act in this series but isn’t helped by the sick plot. Sasanka Voleti, the director scores marginally better than Sasanka Voleti, the actor (he just can’t act for nuts). US-based Telugu web series are indeed the need of the hour but representing the Indo filmmaker community in the country through mediocre attempts like these would be doing gross injustice to the viewers. Kindly avoid.

Rating: 1/5 (The series can be watched on SonyLIV here)

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