Naanga Rombha Busy Movie Review

Naanga Romba Busy fails to spark the festival of lights!

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Naanga Rombha Busy Movie Review
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What is the story about?

Naanga Romba Busy is a crime-comedy film and an official remake of the Kannada film Mayabazar (2016). The film was made in a record time and was released directly on Sun TV earlier today as Diwali special release. The film focuses and three individuals who are under financial duress sets out to commit crimes during the period of demonetization in the country. The film is produced by Sundar C and is directed by Badri.


Naanga Romba Busy runs for 2hr 30mins, and with advertisements on TV, it runs for 3 hours. Looks like the makers didn’t bother to make it short and sweet as it was set for a direct release on DTH. The film as such has great potential for a comedy of errors which could’ve been a rollicking fun ride. But it keeps wandering trying to maintain the clichéd tropes and this goes on for more than 2 hours. But the film tries to make up for it during the last leg of the film where it picks up the pace and arrives on track giving you what you actually expected of it.

Set in the period of demonetization this film had many venues to explore the confusion the plot creates among the characters. But the writers ignore the potential and drive the film in the wrong direction.



Naanga Romba Busy hardly calls for any commendable performances. The cast includes actors like Prasanna, Shaam, Ashwin Kakumanu, Yogi Babu, Shruti Marathe, and Ritika Sen, with Samuthrakani, Power Star and VTV Ganesh making cameos in the film. The comedy timing of Yogi Babu was inconsistent at places it sounded repetitive. The central cast has hardly anything to prove their mettle as no one has a character that is worth the praise. You get to see very generic, tried, and tested old wine in a new bottle.


Music & Other Departments

The music makes no impression so is the background score. The cinematography was age-old with outdated editing techniques. The film was technically weak.



Except for a few Yogi Babu comedy scenes, nothing is worth mentioning.


Poor writing that’s tried and tested numerous times. Given the premise and limitations, the makers didn’t drive towards creativity but resorted to mediocrity taken the TV audience for granted.


Did I enjoy it?

I didn’t enjoy the film.

Do I recommend it?

The film has nothing new to offer and keeps dwelling on cheap comedy tricks which we’ve seen in many films already. The makers literally took the TV audience for granted. If you still would like to watch this film, it’ll be streaming on Sun NXT from 15th November 2020.

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