Naduvan (2021) Review

A weak and uninteresting drama that does not impress!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Naduvan (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Naduvan shows us the story of Karthi (Bharath), an honest employee who runs a factory along with his alcoholic friend Shiva. As his professional life blooms well, Karthi starts to face challenges in his personal life that become too tough to handle. 


Debutant director Sharang does not even have an interesting plot in hand to pull in the attention of the audience. Right from the start, the film follows the usual cliches that we have seen in numerous films and carries on in a bland way. The film has a minimal set of characters alone, but there is nothing special in them to help us widen our eyes. As the film progresses, it gets too tiresome to watch as the predictability factor sets in with the full flow and does not allow much to spice up. 


Bharath delivers a very basic performance without putting in any good efforts for the role. Apart from him too, there are no great contributions in the film including the likes of Gokul, Aparna Vinod and the rest of the cast. 

Music & Other Departments

Dharan Kumar does a fine job with a couple of the songs. The cinematography is functional and offers decent visuals. 


Except for the music, there is no great shake in this film. 


The film’s unexciting plot is something that makes us doubt the green signal it got in the first step. 

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

No. SonyLIV has been delivering some fine films but this is a leveller. 

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