Naked Review- Desi Basic Instinct

Naked Review- Desi Basic Instinct
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Leading the change of how thrillers are perceived by viewers and making horror films a successful box office venture, Vikram Bhatt has reigned as the king of these genres across mediums – be it films or now his edgy web series. Adding to his list of thrillers is the latest edge of the seat whodunit – MX Original Series Naked, that is now live on leading entertainment streaming platform – MX Player. However, this series fails to live up to the hype that was created around it and definitely does no justice to Vikram Bhatt's favourite genre of thrillers and murder mysteries.  

The Story
Hotelier Rishabh Mehta is found murdered. An honest cop, Suraj Kadam (played by Aryamann Seth), begins investigating the case and meets Natasha Kamra (Suparna Moitra), the prime suspect, who is also a porn star by profession and the victim's girlfriend. But are things the way they seem to be? Is Natasha guilty or not? Sometimes, the truth is nothing but just a naked illusion and the intriguing plot is laced with mystery from the word go. Will Suraj be able to find the real killer? Is Natasha really guilty or is she just an easy target?

A porn star, a righteous officer, a high-profile murder case and a seductive suspect – Vikram Bhatt had the plot to create a sense of thrill that is unparalleled. However, it is done in the classic whodunit way and the execution does seem patchy as you go on. The length of the episodes is 20 minutes and at times you feel way too many things are cramped up in a short time. It will also remind you of the hit Hollywood film, Basic Instinct. I also found it way too predictable right from the first episode. Also, apart from Natasha's character, the makers didn't develop any other character.  The direction is poor, writing has been lazy and the acting has been below average as well.

Our Take
The series is a mix of thrill and intrigue but is too predictable. By the end of the last episode, as the mystery unravels it has nothing new to offer, which you could have predicted in the first episode itself.  We strongly suggest you to not waste your time watching this series. 

Rating:  0.5/5 Stars

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