National Award Winning Director's next OTT Release

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National Award Winning Director's next OTT Release

ZEE5, the official online streaming pulpit of one of India's biggest TV Channel Network Zee, advertises its next Original film, written, directed and produced by national award-winning filmmaker, Prakash Jha, Pareeksha -The Final Test.  

The film is advertised that it was motivated by existing stories, and it would create an explicit remark on our education practice, where the great quality pedagogy has become the monopoly of the wealthy and how it still prevails impervious to the masses further apportioning our nation. Resonating from the real life of an IPS officer, Shri Abhayanand, who is the former DGP of Bihar, this tale gives us an impression of endurance for the needy who deserve the chance. So Zee5 has revealed that it is a story of Bucchi, the rickshaw puller whose most prominent goal is to provide a fair education to his son and this vision takes him on a perilous route, which could fragment all that he endures dear.

Talking about the inspiration behind his new film and the association with ZEE5, the writer-director-producer-actor, Jha says, “The film is inspired by real events and people. Shri Abhayanand is an IPS officer and educationist who, while working as the Police Chief in Bihar's Naxal crowded areas, came across kids from those villages who were so bright with the innate knowledge and how they inspired him to begin training them to crack the IIT-JEE- the most difficult exam/test which the youthful cadets must pass to join one of the biggest scholarly institutes in the nation. Their victory had a commanding influence in the crime-infested badlands of Bihar and made an estrangement. I sensed coerced to tell this tale and we have found an excellent streaming partner ZEE5, a platform which will give this case the scope it warrants.”

The Director in a statement, Our deep-rooted social constructs, like most other institutions, don't welcome upward mobility. Gandhiji had rightly said, “Education is the basic tool for the development of consciousness and the reconstitution of society.” But it pains to see the dire conditions that modern schooling in our country lies in. Good, quality education has become the monopoly of private institutions and so expensive that poor people never come close to the opportunities which all get grabbed by the paying upper class of society!

The quality of education for the masses remains pathetic. '56% of Class VIII students can't do basic math, 27% can't read', according to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2018, by NGO Pratham. To put it to perspective, one out of four children are leaving Class VIII without basic reading skills. Under such limitations how does a daily wage earner have such audacious dreams as to make-a-good-living? But then again, our gaze turns to newspaper headlines. Small-time farmer's daughter is now an IAS officer (May '09). Fruit juice seller's daughter tops UP board exams (May '14). Rickshaw puller's son secures 48th rank in UPSC exam in his first attempt (Aug '17). And as a storyteller, I see a ray of hope when stories like these surface, when people like these battle all odds and emerge victorious after their own 'trial by fire', after their own 'PAREEKSHA' (The Final Test)".

It is also to be noted that the film has Priyanka Bose, Adil Hussain, Sanjay Suri and child actor Shubham Jha, the cinema had its India Premiere at the 50th International Film Festival of India in the Indian Panorama section. Also, Shri Abhayanand, a Physics graduate himself, remains to administer free tutorials and has now taken his civil research to a broader panel so that more deprived and skilled kids from minority populations can also profit from it. He remains to academically back the hugely triumphant Rahmani 30 classes.

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