Nerkonda Parvai

Nerkonda Parvai
Movie Rated


Meera Krishnan, Famitha Banu and Andrea Tariang are three independent young women living in Chennai who are best friends. One night, they happen to attend a party, enjoying themselves. On the other hand, rich boys Vishwa and Venkatesh take their friend, an injured Adhik Ramajayam, to the hospital. Adhik had been hit in the head and is bleeding profusely. However, the boys decide not to file a police complaint. Meanwhile, the women hurriedly return home from the party, agitated over something, but they try to forget it and carry on with their lives. During her morning exercise, Meera is observed by Bharath Subramaniam, a grim man living in their neighbourhood who was a successful lawyer and a loving husband to his wife Kalyani years ago. Kalyani had died due to pregnancy complications when Bharath had to leave her alone at home due to an important case. This causes Bharath to break down mentally and retire from his profession, coping up with his depression through the use of medications. Bharath senses from the look on Meera's face that something unpleasant had been going on in her life. Later, Meera files a complaint against Adhik and his friend as they had started causing misery in her friends' lives. Learning of this, Adhik orchestrates a gang to kidnap Meera and molest her, while threatening her to withdraw the complaint. She is later dropped back at home, but is arrested the next day on charges of prostitution and attempted murder by Adhik. Bharath learns of Meera's plight from her friends and fights the gang that aided Adhik's friends, capturing the main goon and handing him over to the police. He also returns to his profession by offering to help the women by representing them in their case. Soon a case is filed. Adhik's side is represented by Sathyamoorthy. Sathyamoorthy presents the events from Adhik's allegations that Meera and her friends were encountered by Adhik and his friends who then slept with them after having drinks. Adhik is hit on the head by Meera as a result of nonpayment, labelling the women as prostitutes. He bases this on the fact that Meera has a family but lives alone, Famitha having a relationship with an older man, and Andrea moving to Chennai from North India. Meera and her friends deny the allegations and state that the men tried to sexually assault them, prompting Meera to hit Adhik on the head with a bottle in self-defense. Bharath represents the women and bases their statement on the fact that a woman has the right to say no. Bharath and Sathyamoorthy question the witnesses and the women individually in the subsequent days, with Bharath's investigation proving successful in favour of the women. Towards the end of the trial, Bharath questions Adhik, who arrogantly says that "girls born in good families don't party or drink." Bharath, however, holds a photo of Adhik's sister attending a party and having drinks in the courtroom, causing Adhik to lose his cool and curse Meera and her friends, stating that they "reaped what they sowed." Consequently, he blurts out that he tried to rape Meera, shocking Sathyamoorthy. Bharath concludes the case by criticizing the regressed views of the society where women are stereotyped as prostitutes if they come home late, yearn to be independent, drink and so on, but men are not affected by this. He also puts forth the fact that a wrong done is wrong; be it a man or a woman, there is no partiality before the law. The case ends with Meera and her friends being acquitted by the court and Adhik and his friends charged on the grounds of sexual assault. Meera tearfully holds Bharath's hand as he leaves, in gratitude. Their lives then return to normal.

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