Netflix and Prime are not the #1. Another OTT bags the first place.

Jeya Suriya -

Netflix and Prime are not the #1. Another OTT bags the first place.

OTT, the Industry which boomed up during the COVID-19 Pandemic has a various genre of shows and movies in it. With Collectively over 500 Million users in it, the OTT is undoubtedly the future of Entertainment Industry.
So, analysts have been doing research and thesis on OTT since the lockdown. One such research proves that Hulu, the American Based Streaming service leads all other OTTs including Netflix and Prime Video, in the Number of Reality Shows they stream online.
Viewers have an abundance of streaming choices today, but when it comes to reality TV, the preference is clear. Hulu is the best streaming service for reality TV, where it is found that there are 265 reality shows available on the Disney-operated streamer, as of June 

After Hulu, Netflix holds second place with 180 shows and then the ad-supported platform Tubi with 135. Recently propelled platforms like HBO Max
and Disney Plus are low with the reality TV content they hold. HBO Max has got 28 whereas Disney has got 21 programs, respectively.
Even though Netflix plummeted short of Hulu in quantity, it has taken the Number one place in quality. Netflix is at the #1 spot in reality TV this year with original blockbuster shows like "Love is Blind" and "Too Hot to Handle." The same report suggests that Too Hot to Handle was the most popular reality show from March 15 to May 31, when people practised social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the list of Top 10 Most watched show during the Lockdown, six were from Hulu, three were from Netflix and two were from Prime Video. Yea, one content in the Top 10 is shared between Hulu and Prime Video.
It is to be noted that this report does not include Docu-Series. When it comes to Docu-Series, Netflix claims the King. Netflix hammers Amazon in quantity as the California company has got 383 Content and the Seattle company has got only 355. Hulu does not compete big in this department as they have got only around 220 Programmes.

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