Netflix Black Mirror 6th season and the teaser campaign.

Sajid Ali -

Netflix Black Mirror 6th season and the teaser campaign.

The entire world came to a standstill with the recent unfortunate events occurring all over. Starting from the pandemic, worldwide protests, dwindling economy, and natural disasters, it won’t be a surprise if someone thinks they’re stuck in a dystopian film. 

The last season of Black Mirror was released June last year and just featured 3 episodes. Even though it didn’t favour the critics, the audience is strangely drawn to this series in particular because of the dystopian approach it showcases. The lingering question of a 6th season to stream is still unsure. 

Recently in the Spanish Capital, Madrid there were bus stop mirrors with headers which read “Black Mirror: Sixth Season Live now, everywhere. “ These went viral on social media and fans were quite excited too. 

But later to everyone’s disappointment, it was confirmed that these posters were fake and the spoof campaign was developed by a Madrid Ad agency Brother. But it’s still unsure if it was made in collaboration with Netflix.

This naturally created an interest about the next season of Black Mirror leaving fans wondering if it’s actually going live anytime soon. But all we know is there’s a 6th season in the pipeline and Netflix is yet to confirm it. Last month, Charlie Brooker, the creator of Black Mirror, said he was not sure that the audience would be able to digest a new season of the show at the moment. Keeping the current situation in mind, I surely agree with Brooker.

But this spoof campaign ironically resonates and sends a subtle message.

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