Netflix buys Kanye West docuseries still in the making for $30M

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Netflix buys Kanye West docuseries still in the making for $30M

Kanye West has always been an interesting enigma, The American rapper is known to be the one who revitalized the hip hop culture of American music and is known for his creative intuitions. A life lived under the spotlight and in the public light, he has been served his own amount of basing from promising to be and then failing to be the next President of America, following in former President Trump's footsteps to divorcing his wife of seven-years, Kim Kardashian, a woman who has had her own share of the spotlight. 

As reported by Billboard, Netflix has quite recently purchased a docuseries about Kanye West for upwards of $30 million that will feature his life and profession with a behind scenes video caught throughout a long time span. The multi-part series, which will come to Netflix this year, was helmed by Clarence "Coodie" Simmons and Chike Ozah, known as Coodie and Chike, who guided a portion of West's initial music recordings. A source at Billboard clarified that Coodie Simmons has been gathering film of the rapper since his initial days during the 90s. The connection between Simmons and West serve as the foundation of the untitled show, which will investigate West's ascent to fame, the effect acclaim has had on West, the world's interest with VIP, and in more broad terms, the manner in which hip-hop culture has become the spirit of mainstream society. Furthermore, the docuseries will look into West dealing with the demise of his mom and his different endeavours into both style and governmental issues. West isn't accounted for to be innovatively associated with the series.

 Coodie & Chike will be producing the series as well with TIME studios. It is not yet known whether the docuseries will cover West’s current divorce proceedings from Kim Kardashian. 

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