Netflix cancels agreement of two Popular Shows

Jeya Suriya -

Netflix cancels agreement of two Popular Shows

Netflix, which is in a huge-boom with this Pandemic Situation worldwide have been releasing dozens of content every day. It is estimated that more than 160 million people consume the American Based Streaming Service. It is also well known that the streaming service also produces original content and reality shows which will release them on their portal. 

Now, Netflix has shocked the audience by announcing that they won't be producing Season 2 of a couple of shows. They are the Sketch Comedy Show - Astronomy Club and Fashion Reality Show - Next in Fashion. Although Astronomy Club's dissolution was endorsed a couple of days back, the Next in Fashion cancellation was affirmed only a few hours back.

Next in Fashion was hosted by Tan France and Alexa Chung. Tan France spoke to a US Portal and validated it, “We’re not doing a second season. This is a one-season show. We don’t know what will occur in eternity. I love the show and Alexa so much. My focus is definitely on Queer Eye"

Even though Netflix has almost a million content to stream online, the removal of agreement and cancellation of the show has shocked the fans of the respective shows.

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