Netflix Diablero Season 2 Review : Another big dip in the endless supernatural world

Netflix Diablero Season 2 Review : Another big dip in the endless supernatural world
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Netflix Diablero Season 2: Another big dip in the endless supernatural world 


Netflix once again brings in its second version from the supernatural work in the form of Diablero season 2. Being a Spanish web series, the cast has a few Spanish cast members and a number of Mexican stars as well. The prime lead character cast includes Christopher von Uckermann starring as Father Ramiro Ventura, Horacio Garcia Rojas stars as the “Diablero” Elvis Infante. In addition to this prime lead, the series also holds a few more prominent names in the form of Giselle Kuri as Nancy Gama, Fatima Molina stars as Enriqueta Infante and Dolores Heredia as Mama Chabela and Flavio Medina.

After the overwhelming response to the first season of Netflix Diablero, once again the makers have tried their hands on infusing the same magical element as in the previous season. However, things haven’t worked the way, it worked for the previous version.

If you have been aware of the American show, Supernatural, this one is a familiar version of the same with a Spanish origin.  

Netflix’s Diablero explores the drive to the life story of a young priest. Adding more interest to the series, he recruits a few ‘Diableros’ which means ‘demon hunters’ and one paranormal expert for finding trails over a kidnapped girl. The story of the show is set in the city of Mexico and is based on horror fiction. Based on the famous book titled "El Diablo Me Obligo" drafted by Francisco Haghenbeck, the series previously made its entry in the OTT world on 21 December 2018.

Diablero means a demon hunter and the fans from the horror genre have really taken over to this show. Spread up in 6 episodic entries, this one can be cycled under one of the must-watch series for the supernatural and horror-based fiction lovers. However, nothing new holds in its origin and ongoing story. 

The story of the series begins with a mysterious club owner, seeking help with a few messed up supernatural activities happening around. The characters story and featuring of Elvis, Keta and Nancy trying to cross into the underworld for finding Ventura and helping her make her return to home possible is pretty interesting and worth watching too. Even though the storyline is quite predictable, the series characters have enacted their roles well. Right from the demon hunters to the demons and to specially mention the priest, all the characters have been amazing. 

Coming to the pace of the story, there have been few slow spots in the entire series while you don’t need to get disappointed as a few spots are really catching up. This makes the scores level for all your supernatural subject lovers. The character sets are in particular quite perfect especially in the form of the priest and the lady who is a demon weapon scalar.  The demons have been quite good and interesting in their presentation. Music is good and complementing with the kind of story is envelops. 

In totality, we can summarize the show to be interesting but slow!

One more lag of the entire series is that there are a few unclear portions of the story, which should have definitely been paid attention at. Unclear in its delivery and presentation, these parts needed a lot more elaboration which has been left behind. This makes the show a bit confusing too!

Towards the end, the series makes it feel that there will be the third season too that transforms the series into a double-edged weapon. Good for the fans but, bad for the non-fans as the confusion prevails even by the end of the story.  No doubt, the end is quite confusing but, that reasons out the ray of hope for the next season. However, we will have to wait to find out if the third season will come up or not!

Ratings: 3/5

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