Netflix drama Lucifer may be renewed for another, sixth, season

Netflix drama Lucifer may be renewed for another, sixth, season

Lucifer, the crime-superhero-and-fantasy drama, has had a good run at Netflix. The show, which has had four seasons until now, three on Fox TV and the fourth on Netflix, is quite popular with fans of the genre. It was renewed by Netflix for a fifth and final season in June 2019.

Now, there's news that Netflix is keen to renew the contract with Warner Bros TV, producers of Lucifer, and go in for another season of a popular show. Netflix had commissioned the show for a fifth and final season but now wants another season.

Netflix is apparently in talks with the producers Warner and Jerry Bruckheimer Television, for a new, sixth season.

Lucifer stars Tom Ellis as the titular fallen angel Lucifer, the Lord of Hell, who, bored of his Lordship, relocates to LA, where he opens a nightclub called Lux. Lucifer leads a much more exciting life in LA, as he ends up collaborating with the LAPD, helping them solve twisted criminal cases, sometimes even of the dark, demonic and celestial kind.

The series, which originally aired on Fox TV, was cancelled due to poor ratings after three seasons, but was given a new lease of life by Netflix, which aired its fourth season, and has a fifth in the works.

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