Netflix Holiday Rush Review: Patriarchal Non-White Family Story That Goes All in A Rush

Netflix Holiday Rush Review: Patriarchal Non-White Family Story That Goes All in A Rush
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Romany Malco as Rush Williams, Sonequa Martin-Green as Roxy Richardson, Darlene Love
as Aunt Jo, Tamala Jones, Deon Cole and La La Anthony can be seen trying to well drive the plot of this yet another Christmas movie after the Knight Before Christmas.

Moving onto the plot, Netflix Holiday Rush revolves around the popular New York radio DJ, played as Rush Williams (Romany Malco). He on his voyage trying to keep up the pace with his four children ever since their mom dies goes pretty challenging. As the biggest twist evolves as the kids place their super-pricey Christmas gift list just as he loses his job. 

Downsizing the real rush and trying to embrace a much simpler life, the story goes as a pretty heart-warming film, however, lost in the right presentation style. As the loving father tries reconnecting with his children has to face a lot of ups and downs down the line.  Decorated in the comedy genre, the film has been directed by Leslie Small and written by Sean Dwyer and Greg Cope White. 

This 93 minutes film has been quite energetic in the form of family comedy presentation however; it lacks the much-required depth in it. The entire plot remains full of good intentions for the family but actually culminates the least required mess. It can be well said that the actual plot is many lines with the film Holiday in the Wild as compared to the Knight Before Christmas.

Even though, you cannot resist the heartwarming and winning performance of Martin-Green, Malco, and Love. Even though, this can be a pleasant holiday film to watch but, this one is definitely not the new Christmas classic.

Single dad, radio DJ Rashon "Rush" Williams (Romany Malco) and his struggles with putting up a new station on-air, after his job loss seem struggling but, couldn’t bind the audiences very well. Although all the struggle and uproar goes around but, fails to appear engaging in any way as it seems to be missing on something.

In simple words, it actually seems to be a half-hearted Christmas story, easily predictable!

Taking away the credit for the entire show from its lead actor, Romany Malco playing Rashon “Rush” Williams shall not be justified in any sense. His charming character has raised a few gigs in mid introducing sweet comedy and family sense at times and contributed hugely on taking the story forward.

Sean Dwyer and Greg Cope haven’t succeeded on keeping away the tight script!

Centred over a non-white family story, the film has been showering full attention on family patriarchy undercover through the story of the radio host Rush Williams.

Holiday Rush is in no way a Christmas classic even though a few scenes are really classic. The clumsy subplot has been the weakest part of the show and featured a lot of unnecessary content.
Being too sweet and sugary yet in a rush, it has gone too wholesome for its own benefits. Background score and cinematography is average however, the multiple weird shoe-horned features in the plots have pulled the story completely down. One of the featured music from the show is 'Christmas in Hollis' by Run DMC?! Classic. Even though, Netflix has tried offering its original through the film but, it isn’t good to go. 

It’s the same old school Christmas story teaching family values and love; so you can well decide over whether to stream it or skip it!

Ratings: 3/5 stars

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