Netflix important move in Australia.

Jeya Suriya -

Netflix important move in Australia.

As the OTTs Boom up due to the COVID-19 Lockdown worldwide, the organisations are not only acquiring creative products but also they are rigorously recruiting eminent talents.

Global streaming colossus Netflix has recruited Que Minh Luu as its director of local originals for Australian Continent. She was earlier working as an executive producer at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Continent's leading broadcaster. The motility is conjectured to indicate a more prominent devotion by Netflix for engaging more local content from Australia. It is also announced that Luu will be operating from Sydney and take up the office from mid-July.

Looking back of her work at the ABC, she was with the broadcaster for a three and a half year stint and she was involved in genre-bending shows including Content, Diary of an Uber Driver, Retrograde, and The Heights. Before that, she was a freelance editor, and later she has worked in the script department at Matchbox Pictures.

Que made this announcement officially through her microblogging account, "People of Earth, With sadness, today is my last day at @ABCTV. I am leaving Aunty to join @NetflixANZ as Director, Local Originals for Australia. I am ready to get crackin’ on this streaming biz. Also excited to work with these Bunya Talent Hub legends".

It is also to be noted that she is a member of several boards, including the SPA Screen Forever Advisory board, Screen Australia’s Gender Matters Task Force, and the Jesse Cox Audio Fellowship board, which she created in the exaltation of her departed companion, Jesse Cox, a Walkley Award-winning broadcasting producer.

Speaking to a famous Australian portal Que opened up, “I’ve enjoyed my experience at ABC. I’m especially beholden to challenging boss lady Sally Riley, who noticed something in this monstrous nerd burger standing before her those years ago. I learned to execute some astounding shows and also I was allowed to assay out some uncanny stuff, all with her buttress and support."

She also added, “In these dubious circumstances, the ABC will endure. I am a zealous advocate for the ABC and the crucial role it plays in the lives the society. It’s been a great honour to contribute to, and to face, issues of multifariousness and embodiment within the organisation and the content it produces.” Que Concluded.

Australian screen media has been shaken by deflating incomes at conventional broadcasters, griefs for pay-TV leader Foxtel and mass tautologies at Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Much of the turbulence has been sparked by the success of the streaming companies.

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