Netflix is rolling out a new update globally today

Sajid Ali -

Netflix is rolling out a new update globally today

Last year, much to displeasure of the content creators around the globe, Netflix started testing out a feature that will allow users to decrease and increase the speed of the content they’re streaming on Netflix. Now this feature will be rolled out to the masses.

Netflix will let the viewers choose the speed I which they’ll watch things starting today (August 1st). This rollout is expected to happen globally.

This new feature from Netflix will allow users to watch content at 0.5x or 0.75x speed, as well as at 1.25x and 1.5x speed. However the speeds have to be manually adjusted each time you start a new video, a move which Netflix believes will calm the creators.

"We've also been mindful of the concerns of some creators," a spokesperson from The Verge said. "It's why we have capped the range of playback speeds and require members to vary the speed each time they watch something new versus fixing their settings based on the last speed they used."

"The feature has been much requested by members for years," Netflix's VP of product innovation Keela Robison added. "Most important of all, our tests show that consumers value the flexibility it provides whether it's re-watching their favorite scene or slowing things down because they're watching with subtitles or have hearing difficulties."

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I really don’t understand how this will help the creators per second. A video has been shot on a particular frame rate and ramping up or down the original might spoil the viewing experience. Let’s see how it fares with the viewers and how exactly it will benefit the creators.

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