Netflix Original Film earns ZERO Stars!

Jeya Suriya -

Netflix Original Film earns ZERO Stars!

“I need something bad and fast,” felonious Graham Bricke says to an armaments seller early in “The Last Days of American Crime”.

The Netflix action film ticks one of those criteria: It is so, so bad — but is it never fast. It is ever eye-gouging slow. Globally Acclaimed Website, Rotten Tomatoes have rated the movie with a 0%.

So here's the 0% rated tale - The US presidency is about to unleash a mind-controlling signal that will sense when a spirit is up to no good and hold ‘em in their lanes. Before the day it’s switched on, a few so-called bad guys plan on stealing $1 billion from the ministry. That team of rogues is Bricke, Shelby Dupree (Anna Brewster), an MIT-educated hacker, and Kevin Cash (Michael Pitt), a gangster doofus. 

Don’t care about story, characters or words, but love violence? Even you will be frustrated. Director Olivier Megaton requires Quentin Tarantino and Brian De Palma’s panache when it comes to blood, and doesn’t have a utensil of Ridley Scott and George Miller’s creativity in imaging feeble dystopian centres. 

Not just the mindless visuals, and action sequences that test your patience, the promising plot is lost to a series of so-called porn exhibitions that abase women. Especially our Gangster Ramirez is too attractive to undergo a damaged nostril despite being frequently knocked in the front.

Netflix has unquestionably set itself aside from its adversaries by contributing something for everyone — from a prestige show about the British imperial genus to a reboot of “The Magic School Bus. But now they’ve taken this mantra to anxious heights. The Californian organisation shouts “all are welcome!” to these miserable films (“Murder Mystery” with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, “The Laundromat,” “Bird Box”). Now they’re a church which accepts everyone rather than a membership service with some flavour.

It’s time for the granddaddy of streaming to pull up their precious sock and give us quality content. “The Irishman,” you’re in! “Last Days of American Crime,” you’re out.

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