Netflix silently wins over Amazon Prime in this South Indian Battle!

Jeya Suriya -

Netflix silently wins over Amazon Prime in this South Indian Battle!

OTTs have been raining with releases as the whole world is at home due to quarantine. Especially In India, in this lockdown season a popular report suggests that there is an increase of 98% OTT users since March 2020. California based Netflix and Seattle based Techonolgical Conglomerate's Streaming service Prime Video competed for procuring films and releasing them online.

Jyothika's Ponmagal Vandhal was the first-ever film with a big star to release online skipping a theatre release which eventually leads to huge controversies from the exhibitors. Prime Video also advertised the film on a very big scale. Before the release of the film, the streaming service also announced that they will be releasing 7 films with big stars from various Indian languages as a Direct OTT release. They were, Jyo's Ponmagal Vandhal, Keerthy's Penguin, Ayushmaan's Gulabo Sitabo, Jayasuriya's Sufiyum Sujatayum, Vidya Balan's Shakuntala Devi, Law and French Biryani. So, out of the seven, 3 are already docked to their portal and all the three flicks faced huge negative criticism from the public and the critics.

On the other end, everyone from were having their eyes on the Californian Goliath to know their move in the South Indian Direct OTT release battle. Netflix did not even announce the procurement of their Telugu film Krishna and his Leela and released it for public online noiselessly without even a tweet on the release. The Netflix film starring Siddharth Jonalgadda and Shraddha Srinath was the first South India film to have a Direct OTT. Despite no promotions, all the critics and the general public have watched it and are applauding the film as the film is engaging and splendid.

This also has opened up the debate between aficionados of both the streaming platforms that Netflix has opened up their account on their very first release even without an online promotion. They are also debating continuously that Prime Video after acquiring films with a deafening budget and also with full-page newspaper advertisements have failed to initiate their score despite three releases with big stars.

In our opinion, Netflix has definitely made an ingenious move and proved themselves why they are the market leaders. Sources close to us also suggest that Prime Video acquired the seven films with immense funds to gain 10 Million Subscribers. But with the first three releases, they have made a start and we hope to bounce back with the remaining four.

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