Netflix Streams a Censored Version of this Show now. Check out!

Jeya Suriya -

Netflix Streams a Censored Version of this Show now. Check out!

The biggest strength creators have over OTT Platforms is the fact they need not censor their artistic commodity. But slowly, OTT Platforms have begun to channelise themselves with the censorship process.

Netflix is streaming an edited, censored version of the historical drama Vikings in India, which oddly includes obscuring out two roasted piglets on season 5, episode 12 “Murder Most Foul”. The reason for the edit is the streaming service is televising the version that premièred on the History TV18 channel in India.

A Popular reporter Aroon Deep highlighted the matter on Twitter, quoting another Twitter User Sanjay VG, who first denoted out the Viking's restraint. It is shocking for the netizens since it is strange to see a series that routinely involves extreme language, violence, sex, nudity, and drug use, has removed a scene of pork as it was the bone of contention for Viking's censorship. 
Universally on Netflix, Viking season 5, episode 12 is around 46 minutes tardy. But in India, it's approximately 42 and a half minutes. That's despite the addition of a recap, which states that the episode should be extended. So, everyone who is a fan of the show is in a confusion that what got removed.
For all of you who are staring why Netflix is streaming the Indian TV-approved version of Vikings, it is because it's the only one with Hindi-language subtitles and Hindi voice dub. So Netflix released this version as it could reach a wider audience in North India.

Vikings isn't the first time that the American content hub has streamed an edited version in India. They had previously done the same with Pan Nalin directed film - Angry Indian Goddesses. After complaints and queries, Netflix released an uncensored version.
It is to be noted that History TV18 is a joint venture between the A+E Networks — the owner of History Channel, the US broadcaster of Vikings — and Reliance Industries-owned TV18

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