Netflix wins licencing deal with Sony Pictures over studio titles 'Morbius', 'Uncharted' and more

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Netflix wins licencing deal with Sony Pictures over studio titles 'Morbius', 'Uncharted' and more

Netflix has come out as the winner in an offer made to Sony Pictures for $1 billion over four years with Sony Pictures in an exclusive deal. The agreement will see Netflix acquire an exclusive window for the studio’s theatrical titles starting in 2022. This deal comes in an especially significant time since studios like Universal are pulling out their titles from Netflix to fuel Studio owned platforms like HBO Max and Peacock. Sony does not have its own streaming sibling, making Netflix the perfect match. 

The understanding, which replaces an output plan with Lionsgate-possessed Starz tracing all the way back to 2005, furnishes Netflix with an 18-month selective window for Sony films. The films will be released on the streaming platform after their theatrical debut although the time between the theatrical and digital release is not clear. Some of the biggies from Sony Pictures that would be placed in Netflix's library are Marvel's Morbius, Uncharted, Bullet Train and Where The Crawdads Sing. Two subsequent windows will keep films circulating on Netflix as they reach other platforms across TV and streaming. Netflix will also gain its own slate of franchises like Spider-Man, Venom, Jumanji and Bad Boys. Another high-profile sequel is a follow-up to the Oscar-winning animated title Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Not only theatrical releases but Netflix will also be privy to first-look deal for any direct-to-streaming titles Sony is contemplating and has committed to making “a number” of those, per the official release, in reality likely just a couple a year and a minority of the studio’s overall slate, as reported by Deadline. 


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