Netflix’s Dark Season 3 will be the final cycle!

Sajid Ali -

Netflix’s Dark Season 3 will be the final cycle!

Dark is Netflix’s first original German series. It’s fascinating to know that initially this was supposed to be a crime series. This was written two years prior before Netflix contacted the makers. The makers also had an idea about a time travel film. So they combined both ideas, thus the inception of Dark. Baran O Odar and Jantje Friese grew up in a small German town themselves. So, they had this fascination with the subject of darkness behind the closed doors. Also, they were inspired by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which spread the fear of radioactive contamination. 

The first season was commissioned by Netflix and it had 10 episodes, and the second season followed with 8 episodes. What made this series stood out from the others was its character structuring. It’s one of the finest and something you’ve never seen before on-screen or on any streaming sites. Dark was an instant hit with their first season and stirred up a lot of theories among the fans. 

There are 72 characters in the series including three different actors for the same character across three different time periods. It takes a while to get used to the characters and to keep a tab on who’s who? We’ve seen multiple MEME’s circulating on social media based on DARK’s characters. They’re extremely hilarious.

Even before the official release, Dark was often compared to Stranger things based on its premise and the 80’s backdrop. But the truth is, Dark was already in pre-production when The Stranger Things premiered and is most definitely not a PG-13 material. It’s much darker than its counterpart. 

Dark season 1 and 2 has many cliffhanger moments leaving the fans asking for more. The makers have been teasing the fans and the viewers on their social media for a while and now finally we have the date, which is June 27th, 2020. That being said the third season will be the last cycle which the creators had envisioned right from the beginning. That seems fair and should give a better closure than dragging it out for the sake of its popularity. Bo Odar had also commented in an interview that they didn’t want to end up like “Lost”.

If you haven’t watched Dark season 1 & 2, then it’s the right time to start streaming them on Netflix. Wherein you’ll have enough time to digest the complexity and get ready for their final cycle.

The third season is premiering on June 27th, 2020. Time is running out, Tick-Tock, Tock-Tick... Tock!


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