Netflixs Selling Sunset Season 3 Release Date is here!

Jeya Suriya -

Netflixs Selling Sunset Season 3 Release Date is here!

Netflix's Selling Sunset is the binge-watching reality show which has over a million fans worldwide. The show's luxury Hollywood retail estate, outrageously glam characters, and juicy drama make it an irresistibly smooth watch. The reality show released the second batch of it last year on May 2019. After the high expectations of the show, Netflix advertised that there will be a season 3 on the same day, Season 2 was released online. Luckily, Netflix funded show was shot before the lockdown and the show is on post-production right now.

Netflix declared online that the third season of the reality show will stream on its platform from August 7, 2020. So, start binging the first two episodes if you haven't because we are just a couple of months away from the next season.

The trailer of the show has always created the need expectations for the show. So, as far as the trailer release date there is no clarity on it. But we do remember the trailer of Season 2 did touchdown exactly two weeks before the release date. So, with that logic lets expect the trailer to release on last week of July 2020.

Also, with the teaser released at the end of Season 2, we can expect Chrishell’s divorce with Justin Hartley, the "This is US" star. So, the divorce almost confirmed by Chrishell to a Canada based Portal that she wasn’t looking forward to watching the show, declaring, “I had a month left of filming when my personal life exploded. It’s not a pleasant thing to breathe in front of the audience.” Reports also suggest that it’s not just divorce scenes whereas we’ll be viewing a wedding as well - Christine is tieing the knot with businessman Christian Richard, who was introduced in Season 2.

We can expect the customary Selling Sunset Cast to be back with the possibility of a few new faces added. Christine, Chrishell, Mary, Maya, Heather, Davina, Amanza, Romain and the Oppenheim's will all be returning as none of them has announced their departure.

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