Netrikann (2021) Review

A mostly absorbing thriller that is lit up by Nayanthara’s fiery performance!

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Netrikann (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Netrikann tells us the story of Durga, a CBI officer who loses her eyes in a freak accident, only to get entangled in a dangerous case on the road to recovery. Using the skills that she gathered during her service and her newfound abilities as well, Durga helps the cops nab the scary serial killer. 


Netrikann is a very neatly narrated thriller in its first half, which is near perfect with its watertight script that keeps pulling up some thrilling instances one after the other. The setup of the story and the initial proceedings are very interesting, as the film rarely has dull moments until the halfway mark. However, the pace fizzles out in the second half which is devoid of any surprises or twists which would have jetted the excitement further. The film largely banks on the presence of its star and the supporting characters, who aid the screenplay reach the finish mark in style. 


Nayanthara establishes herself stronger in this role as a blind yet confident woman, who turns the main witness in a serious serial killer case. Her vulnerability as a blind woman along with the projection on how she uses her skills are superb to watch. Her role also turns very violent towards the end, which adds another shade to the type of films she has done so far in her career. Supporting her ably are the two characters played by Saran Sakthi and Manikandan, who are both very good in their parts. It is only Ajmal who does not contribute big to the film, and is happy doing his part in bits and pieces. 

Music & Other Departments

Netrikann has an okayish score by Girish, with the visuals being fine as well. Lawrence Kishore’s editing deserves a special mention for holding things together comfortably. 


Nayanthara’s stupendous performance in the lead role is a big plus point. 


The lagging final 40 minutes of the film deserved better writing and execution. 

Did I enjoy it?

Yes I did, but I wished the film had a better final stretch. 

Do I recommend it?

Yes. This is a good OTT watch for those looking out for some good Tamil content. Nayanthara shines in the lead role again. 

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